Companies in Czech Republic

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  • Z-Group a.s.

    Libusina 4778, Chomutov, Czech Republic, Czech Republic,43001

    steel tubes & ingots manufacturer, est. 1890, more than 500 employees, capacity more than 250000 tons
  • Graddo, a.s.

    Rumy, Zlin, Czech republic, Czech Republic,760 01

  • AGROPODNIK, akciova spolecnost, Jihlava

    Dobronin 315, Dobronin, Czech republic, Czech Republic,58813

    FAME (RME) Production plant 70 000 t/a15 years on the marketone of the biggest biodiesel producer on the Czech market
  • Elinst


  • WEL - Wood Energy Logistic

    Vesnik, Vsetin, Czech Republic,75501

    wholesale trade in biofuels, pellets, briquettes and wood chips from agricultural and forestry raw materials
  • Arabesque Ltd

    Terronska 727/7, Prague 6, Czech Republic, Czech Republic,16000

    Arabesque Ltd is a commercial Czech company specialized in exporting made medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and veterinary.We deal with the big manufacturing companies our main markets towards which we export are Arabic Iranian Markets.We offer wide ...
  • Prokes Crystal

    Telecska 19

  • Temev s.r.o.

    Rybna 716/24, Prague, Czech republic, Czech Republic,11000

    We supply you honey, bee wax and candles, pollen, propolis orother honey products (honey with nuts etc.) from the middle Europeto whole world. Our is 3x tasted for a non-using antibiotics. tested in laboratories Germany certificated the TOP EU quality. As ...
  • ZES Brno, a.s

    Sladovnicka 4, Brno, Czech Republic, Czech Republic,620 00

  • SAFINA, a.s.

    Videnska 104, Jesenice, Vestec

  • TriDuc AMSC

    U Jezera 2035/26 Praha 5,

    Asia Medicine Services Cooperation: distribution of Asia herbal products to the EU markets.Looking for high quality products - AMSC focusing on long relationships.
  • Labio Ltd.

    U Prioru 1

  • acrylic bathtubs and natural stone Corralit solid surface sheets

    hutska, Kladno, Czech Republic,4320

    Vagnerplast is a manufacture of acrylic bathtubs, shower trays,shower enclosures and natural stone Corralit solid surfacesheets 360X76 cm 244X76 60X76 Thickness: 3mm,6mm, 8mm, 10mm 12 mm Packing: Panels / pallet PackingTolerance: O, 5 Able to thermoform ...
  • MetalCorp s.r.o

    Praha 3, Zizkov, Borivojova 1081 / 40

    Introduction Letter We would like to take this brief opportunity in introducing you MetalCorp, a company based the Czech Republic, with aim of establishing working relationship your company, specializing supply Copper Cathodes and other non-ferrous ...
  • Hansley Group Corp.


    The basic ingredients for our soaps are vegetable oils. In particular, it is the olive oil, which great so its effects on skin. Glycerol turn excellent skin moisturizing and soothing, yet technological reasons industrially produced soap removed. We in ...
  • Optix

    Masarykova Luhacovice,

    We buy, sell, distribute optical frames and sunglasses, eyewear accessories, such as displays, cabinets for glasses etc.
  • Armavir s.r.o.

    Staropramenna 12

  • FOXTROT 2000 S.R.O.

    Hradebni Praha, Czech Republic

    Company FOXTROT 2000 s.r.o. was founded in 1999 Prague. We are wholesale bijouterie manufacturer, maintaining long-term family traditions of production and trade. specialize generally Czech glass jewellery different price ranges. Our new collections ...
  • DREPOS s.r.o.

    Na Cihelne 240


    9.kvetna 65, Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic, Czech Republic,471 14

    We are a designed and manufacturing studio with activites in the branch of applied arts, oriented on to the manufacture of copies and reconstruction of original lamps in the style of the 1920th.
  • A-DIAMOND INT xxxxx

    Karlova 107, PISEK, CZECH REPUBLIC, Czech Republic,39701

    We are a Manufacturer and wholesale Distributor of high quality Jewelry. We also Ultrasonic Cleaners, Gems, Moissanites, Colorimeters, Gold, Diamond Moissanite Testers, Jewelry Scales. Loups etc. ...
  • Export Import Co

    Druzstevni Kladno,

    we sell and petroleum products direct from russian refinery.we offer new project for hous as magic deco art for you modern hous.
  • PakistanWool

    Dr. Peska 669

  • Awasomelendinminers

    ftrfeds 34 abhoikji, wilijuhy

    looking for buyers of our ready gold as well as diamonds we got for sales as well as exports to any port worldwide provide end buyers meet up with our terms pof supplies. No upfront fee requested.SBLC against 2 % Pb
  • VALVE CONTROL, s.r.o.

    U Dvora 213

    Company VALVE CONTROL works since year 1999 in two branches:1. Wheels and casters:We are exclusive representative of German manufacturer RHOMBUS. We have strong position sale of:- furniture casters- apparatus institutional hospital bed casters (with ...