Companies in Mongolia

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  • Khujiin Gal Construction Co., Ltd

    Bayanzurkh Disrict, 6-r khoroo, K2 BLD Ulaanbaatar,


    Baga toiruu Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar district

    Our company established in 1990 which named Noilobeda Mongolia. We have been importers house keeping, bed sheets, computer shopping, service restaurant and etc. At present, we are interested extending our range to active the industry of above products. If ...
  • Botgiin Seer Co., Ltd

    Bayazurkh District Ulaanbaatar, Bayazurkh

    Botgiin Seer Co., LtdThis is greeting from Botgiing C o., Ltd. We are looking for our future and reliable partner Korea. If your company exports qualified Kitchen Appliance Kitchenware, please contact us as soon possible. would like to supply customers with ...
  • Wool Duvet LLC

    SKHD, Ulaanbaatar, Songino khairkhan district, Mongolia,

    Natural, Healthy and Pure wool fillingНоосон хѳнжил нь ѳд сѳд, синтетик зэрэг бусад хѳнжлѳѳсхарьцуулашгүй олон онцлог давуу талтай, байгалийн ...
  • Medunion

    chingeltei dist ulaanbaatar,

    We are tne Mongolian Medical Union.Our members are:hospitals / clinicsdoctorsnursesoriented hospitalsOur members always look for medical cooperation with medical equipment companies.
  • Monchem Co., ltd

    Unity, ulaanbaatar, Tuv aimag, Mongolia,976

    Monchem Co., ltd is Mongolia chemical company. We make pure vegetable soap, hair care soap with nettle, liquid and powder detergents.
  • Travel and tour operator "Altaimongoliatravel"

    3-b Namuun togol, Han-Uul district

    We are a inbound tour operator in Mongolia. have extensive experience and knowledge to organize trips of various levels, strong desire leave good impression about our country travelers. invite you journey through those wonderful beautiful places with us. ...
  • Khos Gol LTD

    Teevriin tovchoo

    Khos Gol Cashmere Co. LTD, collects 60% of all domestic raw cashmere and exports dehaired cashmere in foreign countries.
  • Jindi Co.,ltd

    2-D Street, Bayangol Area

    This is a casino in ulaanbaatar. Mongolia. Now, there are have some electronics gambling machines want to sale. That's: Goldclub roulette, evono ruolette, magister slot machine(caribean poker, fruit word, animal word.... Etc) There o lot of machine and ...

    Choibalsan UB, Chingeltei

    The company Sundalai San Co.,ltdOur introduction.We are greeting from Mongolia.Our was established on February 1, 1997.And the registered in Mongolian Registration Service officially. Our serves mortgaging service, foreign and domestic trade. We have ...
  • "Erelt Impex" Co., Ltd

    Khan-Uul district, 3rd khoroo, Chinggis Avenue 150-3 Ulaanbaatar,

    We are Mongolian construction company. We are in search of:- Daewoo dump truck (with capacity of 12, 15, 18 m3)- Daewoo excavatorWaiting for your reply and hoping in future cooperation.Regards, Battsengel
  • RP&A Co.,Ltd,,,DUDUAV Co.,Ltd

    "Nomin United" Khan-Uul district, Chinggis Avenue Ulaanbaatar, tuv

    Our company selling and buying all kind products .And our company many product manufacturers suppliers is a distributor. Visit our websites please.Thank you.Best regards.Tsegmed
  • Erchim Tes

    Ikh toiruu ,Sukhbaatar district, 24 Ulaanbaatar,

    Erchim tes trade and electric service company established in 1986 .We are interested in electronic equipments and textile trading.
  • Khukh Gan JSC

    Han-Uul district, Chinggis avenue, Neheesgui edlel JSC


  • Indiv.

    Flower Ave.51

  • barilgamn

    amarsanaa, ub, ub, Mongolia,976

    mongolian construction web portal. available for foreign companies for advertising their products and services.
  • Juntundachi LLC

    Bayangol district, Gorikii Branch 23 post office T-88153381 Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia

    Juntundachi LLC Our company founded in 2007. We have established 3rd branch of cosmetic shop named SI QUEEN which is situated Ulaanbaatar city, other branches are Darkhan and Erdenet city since it established. always proper regularly good partnership from ...
  • Medmongol

    Bayanzurh 5th hoeoo 15th horoolol Medmongol Building Ulaanbaatar, capital city

    Our company supplying medical equipments in Mongolian hospitals,non government organizations. Also we supervising and doing services, traning our Mongolian Medical workers, participated in tenders
  • Mongol Shevro Joint Stock Company

    Chinggis avenue-52, Khan-Uul district

    This is one of the first tanneries in Mongolia being set up as "Tannery workshop" 1934. In 1967 was renovated into "Shevro" factory with capacity to process 1.2 million sheep and goatskins per year.Up until 1992 it a state enterprise full ...
  • Treasure Road Co.,Ltd

    Bayangol District, 2nd khoroo Ulaanbaatar,

    Model: DST-607P/TM/T Cylinder: 3.5/3.75/4inch Needle Counts: 84~200N Running Speed: RPM Drive Control: Servo Driver Power Required: 1.125kw Weight: 330kgs Gross W\'t: 400kgs Floor Space: 150 x 120 x 240cm
  • Time Power International Limited

    BZD, Ulaanbaatar 210523, Mongolia,210523

    Our company is looking for a reliable partners who are interested in the organic quality of original Mongolian tasty lamp meat. The here grown natural wild grassland steppes with many grasses and flowers, why meat so tasty, nutritious has more proteins, ...
  • monchemo ltd

    BGD district, 4 horoo, building 5