Companies in Mongolia

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  • Emons Trade

    bayangol District.6th khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, bayangol

    Dear Sir,Thank you for your attention to our inquiry.We are interested in building materials and cosmetics,machinery auto spare parts.We have cooperated with many foreign companies field of exporting woolen products importing new parts materials.Now we ...
  • Goyo LLC


    The Goyo has stuck to this ideal for 20 years as the motor forcreativity and continuity. What started in such a modest yetcommitted way 1993 one of first private cashmere woolcompanies with just 50 employees developed over decadesinto vertically integrated ...
  • Hing Mune Llc

    seoul kandog street bulyo building 1894-15 Seoul, Seoul

    buy and selling used cars for world wide. please find me good used cars people in world take and love
  • UTCO company

    Jhongda road

    Our company UTCO is involving business services such as make research, market give condition media to the foreign people who have a interest work in Mongolian market, and Mongolians China. Also we are trade, language course etc. ...
  • Ganzul Co.,Ltd

    #336, State Property Building-5 Ulaanbaatar,

    Our main activities are import, wholesale and retailing.We know your activities, which run company is very reliable exporting vehicles have high quality. We interesting such as transportation cars buses.Could you possibly to send all kinds of detailed ...

    P. O Box-867 Ub-46

    Oyuny undra group is an investment, manufacturing, mining, property development and information communications company of mongolia. The headquartered in ulaanbaatar, open to discuss its projects with partners around world. also planning export the ...
  • INXS Co.,Ltd

    Shine Erin Center #412, Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,976

    Our INXS Co., Ltd is involved in trade, tourism and mediation. Our company would like to export mpngolian rock salt, souvenirs, wooden and leather pcitures, dolls, toys, puzzles; cashmere wear, woolen carptes etc.
  • The GOBI Corporation

    Khan-Uul District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,52

    We are an export-oriented enterprise for the processing of goat cashmere and camel wool as well semi-finished finished products. 25 years successful growth. One five largest producers worldwide producer in Mongolia. Over 80% our products sold Asia, Europe ...
  • Tenger

    Bayanzurkh, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Mongolia,00976

    Our company was established in 1992. we are one of the biggest wholesaling companies in Mongolia. We import food products from Asia, Europe and Americas. We export meat to Russian market.
  • Ikh Khas Co., Ltd

    Suhbaatar, UB, Mongolia,976

    Our company activity is trade manufacture service. We export livestock farmer business. Specially livestock intestine. We have salted and fresh intestine.

    SB district, Peace avenue 63A

    We greet you from Mongolia, Central Asia. We invite to examine Mongolia as a very lucrative emerging market. According recent financial and economic reports, Mongolian growth will accelerate substantially in 2010, beyond. Over the long term, foreign ...
  • B.S.Mongolia Co.,Ltd

    Sambuu streett-11, Government building-11,Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar

    \\Training ...
  • Nomundalai

    Sukhbaatar duureg, Peace avenue, Building-5 Ulaanbaatar,

    "Nomundalai" is a Mongolian trading company, which runs such as cosmetics products,electronic products and industrial machineries also used passenger cars trucks,buses.If you would like to sell your we\'ll gladly help be brand best selling ...
  • Uyangabayar Co., Ltd

    POB-8, 1st khoroo, Bayangol District Ulaanbaatar,

    We are a trade company in Mongolia and cooperate with companies from China. Now we are looking for a foriegn partner from all over world to cooperate in the fields you are interested in and in the field of industry.
  • Norwegian Lutheran Mission in Mongolia

    Mangirt Darkhan, UUL

    Norwegian Lutheran Mission in Mongolia is the Development organisation which enables poor and unemployed people to run wool processing home based industry. In long a group of felt makers will Production Sales cooperative. other be competitive cooperative, ...
  • DUE-Trade

    Council 20-518 Ulaanbaatar,

    Dear Mr. or Ms. First of all, thank you very much for your attention.I am U. Bud from DUE Trade Co., LTD in Mongolia. Our company was established 2005 the domestic and foreign wholesale retail sector. One main trades is to export Mongolian wool carpets cashmere ...
  • Yolbuyant

    Bayangol district, peace avenue, 37-11 Ulaanbaatar,

  • Bayaragtii Khairkhan Co.Ltd

    Songinokharkhan distrit 11-th khoroo Zeeliin 4-65 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Our company was established in 2004 and operated in the market trade /exporter/importer/.Now, you are visiting our home. So sorry, today our phone broken.
  • Khurd International

    Khurd Building, Bayanzurkh District, 19th Khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Mongolia,213112

    We are international trade company in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We are specialized in motorcycles, russian jeep, tires, batteries and also in all kind of edible oil.
  • Mon Es

    Us15, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,

    mobile:00976-99274099, 98114099, 99170034100% natural wool felts .
  • Agrocomplex Co.,LTD and NTIC Co.,LTD

    Sukhbaatar district, Police street, own building

    Dear Sir/Madam,A New Technology and Investment Consulting is group of companies which dealing with agro-business, construction, production panel sandwich etc. Our one the company Greenpolis developed Clean Development Mechanism project will produce ...

    Industrial zone

    Mongolian sheepskin leather industry's leading factory Darkhan Nekhii has been operating since 1972, experienced, and one of the largest manufacturing company in Mongolia. introduced economical, Eco-friendly technologies producing Euro ...

    Peace avenue 157

    Teso company was established in 2003 starting with food industry. In the past 11 years, we have extended our business fields of road and construction, mining foreign trade. We founded TESO a single mission: bring development to Mongolia. For this mission, now ...
  • Munkh Orgil Trade Co., ltd

    Baga Toiruu 44/420 Ulan-Bator, Chinggeltei

    We are greeting from Munkh Orgil Trade Co., Ltd, Mongolia. It is established in 1997,Ulan-Bator.It carrying out of Foreign and Domestic annual turnover 100.000USD.And total employees 20.We searched your website very well. And we want to import Mongolia used ...