Companies in Kyrgyzstan

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  • bullssticks_kg

    11 th micro Bishkek,

    a quaint thorough processing company of bull\'s pizzles, located in Kyrgyzstan. primarily apply manual labor.
  • Agross

    Isanova, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,720017

    We supply food bean, walnut, wood and other agricultural products grown up in Kyrgyzstan. Best price, best quality, best service!
  • Jiangdu City Wantong Animal By-Products Co., Ltd

    3 North Fanrong Road

    Wt Animal By-products Co., Ltd is found by the previous China. The factory began to constructed in Oct. 1966, it history glorious. company collect scientific, research, trade and production one body. Now there are more than 300 workers, fixed asset 4 million ...
  • LLC "Naima Plus"

  • AgroPromHolding LTD

  • Kyrgyz Tour Service

    Turusbekova 31 / 104

  • Rahim Baisabaev

  • Sonun LTD.

    Hren, Ego, Znaet, Kyrgyzstan,

    Our company is interested in continuous cooperations.We are located in Central Asia. Our products are highly pure(ecologicaly).
  • Satybaldiev LC

    M gandi 222

    Export Kirgiz beans to all over the world
  • Medipol

    abay st. 37

    We are working for 10 years in producing cotton gin kyrgyzstan and we sell all the products to Russia Turkey it is possible deliver 90 vagons (about 4500 tonns) year us also waiting your offers. ...
  • Datkaservice


    DatkaService Stroimontaz specializes in raising and harvestingwhitekidney bean .Since the year established we have been selling ourbean foreign countries such as Turkey Bulgaria .We are proud ofthe quality of our bean. We never use chemical pesticides to ...

  • Agriculture Sdn Bhd

  • ELEM-Kyrgyz Trading Ltd

    Gogol str

  • North Star

    Chokmorova 152

    We are a general trade company based in kyrghyzstan. involved travel, toursim and cargo. do import export specialized products. presently handling travel projects expanding to cover more sectors worldwide. ...
  • AgriBusiness Competitiveness Centre

    102 Bokunbayev Street, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,

    A recently established Business Centre (created under a World Bank project). Serves to represent the interests of domestic producers and processors in export primary processed ag products also supply packaging processing equipment. ...
  • Peri Fashions

    Togtogula 171 / 1, 3rd Floor.

    Hello and welcome to Peri Fashions,Our company deals with Garments Fashion accesorries of all types. We have our head office in the city Dubai branch offices Bishkek, Karachi, Bangkok Manchester. All are goods currently Manufactured Bangkok, Karachi ...
  • EcoLex

    Sovetskaya 13-20

  • Kozis

    gravatan, kuru, Kyrgyzstan,50201

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  • Richmount Trade

    Ahunbaeva 139A, 37 Bishkek, Bishkek

    Richmount Trade LLC is an export company with a high reputation with its domestic clients. Our main work ethic is to make our clients stay satisfied with provided products.
  • CHES jsc

    Selpovskaya 1/1

  • POINT Information Center


    We are young and dynamicaly growing company. work in Central Asian regions (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan Tajikistan) . Our main is buying selling busniess information. conutries present market with big pontetial. ...
  • "Jumabek-S"LTD

    9 Disrtict, 8 / 30