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  • Grodl Martin

    Vinohrady, Brno, Other, Czech Republic,

    Sales of refined sunflower oil in bottles with, origin Serbia,Ukraine. Sunflower oil stock Slovakia
  • Pistachio, spol. s r.o.

    Brnenska 59/B Hodonin,

    Pistachio, spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) is a young company established in the year 1992 starting with processing of pistachios and peanuts. The production assortment as well range customers was increasing until has been transformed into current legal form limited ...
  • Hoiuty Intervesad LTD

    Hlavni mesto Praha Plaza Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha

    We have yellow corn grade a, b and c fr animal feed and human consumption for sale. discount prices and good quality just for you
  • Recycling Textile S.R.O.

    Dvorecka 363/31 Brno, Czech Republic

    We are Czech-Italian company, which deals with recycling and trading textile waste used clothes. buy clothes directly from spinning mills, weaving production of clothing, second hands etc.We have made many business contacts all over the world during our 20 ...
  • Tornado group s.r.o.

    Horusice 98

  • nanocuchachaltd



    Rice importer Sierra Leone. We are looking for rice producers and exporters to Sierra Leone to do business.
  • Parenteral A.S.

    Privozni 2 Prague, Czech republic

    Parenteral a.s. was established in 2002 as a 100% Czech-owned company. It operates long-running private research programme focused on testing natural resources and raw materials for the purposes of cosmetic, pharmaceutical food industries. Its share ...
  • Biona Jersin, *****

    Jersin 45, Jersin, Czech Republic,58825

    Biona Jersin, ***** was founded as a family enterprise in 1994. We are the biggest Czech producer of bio oils and greases at same timeone leading producers Europe. Bio produced on both vegetable synthetic ester base.All our products according to all necessary ...
  • Salestools Ltd

    Legerova 75, Praha 1, 110 00 Legerova, Praha

    we are manufacturers and suppliers of all types of wood pellets.We are capable to supply to any International port worldwide. Our production capacity is 5000T/Month.
  • LAD Company

    Vinohradska 343/6 Prague, Czech republic

    Dear participants of the global market, our company propose raw materials for NPK fertilizers, glass and washing powder production. Our key products are Potassium sulfate, carbonate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate. We offer also sodium dichromate, titanium ...
  • ABC foods s.r.o.

    Other, Czech Republic,

    Our newly founded company is going to import, roast and and pack coffee. We are looking for reliable supplier of green coffee beans, ready for roasting.
  • African Grains Company Ltd


  • Zemedelska agentura, s. r. o.

    Pod Terebkou 4/15, Praha 4, Czech Republic, Czech Republic,140 00

    We are a Czech-Danish trading company engaged in agriculture business, we import soybean seeds for cultivation from Canada and also some raw materials production of feeding compounds. We specialities fishing baits including items fish feed. ...

  • Openwine s.r.o.

    Other, Czech Republic,

    We import our products directly form Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.The goods are produced in South America from harvesting tobottling. We only work with quality that not soldin the supermarkets but gourmet stores, hotels, restaurants andof course to ...
  • MR74 s.r.o.

    Czech Republic,

    company from Czech Republic from 1991 focus on sunflower oil and sugar
  • Organic Time Group spol. s r.o.

    Borivojova 35


    L. HOSAKA 13

    we help Czech companies to search suppliers
  • FULGENT WORLD s.r.o.

    FulgentWorld company was founded at the beginning of new millennium, and its main aim to develop profit. The start difficult, but gradually gaining momentum has become a leader in luxury women's accessories sales. Glass crystal-encrusted nail files ...