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  • Astra-media

    Maxim Tank 30-2 Minsk, Belarus

    Astra-media is a wholesaler and retailer of software, computer and video games, video game consoles and accessories, digital media, computer peripherals and microelectronics, accessories to mobile devices in Belarus
  • FABEAS Ltd.

    35, Kuibysheva str. , room 317

    The FABEAS Group today is a harmonious team of high-skilled, highly experienced professionals in cargo logistics, freight forwarding, international trade promotion and consulting. main goal all our activities to provide clients with services the finest ...
  • Maria Khramtsova


    You want to look perfect and beautifulYou understand what things are appropriate for youYou elegant practicalAt the consultation, you can learn:1. Which hairstyle suits your needs:1.1. Imagemaker has developed a unique system of choosing recipes ...
  • Steve & Sons LLC

    21-613 Chicherin St. Minsk, Minsk

    I\'m Steve Wahlberg from belarus,the General Manager of & Sons Company here in Belarus.We a registered Belarusian Eastern Europe specialised the manufacturing,processing,packaging and distribution quality frozen chicken feet at international ...
  • RUE "Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi"

    1st Zavodskaya street,9 Shklov, Belarus

    Branch "Domostroenie" of RUE "Zavod gazetnoy bumagi" produces frame-panel and glued laminated beam houses, sheathing, beam, imitation floor board. Our production capacities allow us to produce about 250 houses per year. ...
  • Paul Import and Export Limited

    :Nezavisimosti Ave., 11 minsk minsk, minsk

    we are tony paul company regsitered and base in Belarus,we to the product of edible oils such as sunflower oil,corn oil,jatropha oil,soyaneans oil canola oil,Our international standard meet quality hope get contacts from buyers that can deal with your order ...
  • Belekomkonsalt

    Brestskaya Slonim, Belarus

    Milk cooling equipment adopting large vertical surface is introduced in 90?s with advanced technology. Through the fixed full automatic controlling system, it can be operated first time of positioning, and also refrigerate milk rapidly to desirable 4? ...
  • Master-Connect

    Luckaya, Brest, Belarus,224011

    Our company offers pellets and briquetts.DIN 51731200-1000 tones/monthPacked in Big-Bags(850-900kg)FCA/EXW
  • Ivkon

    Nezavisimosti Av Minsk,

    «Ivkon» company was founded in 2000 but since that time it has been known as a very dynamic and fast growing company. “Ivkon” is biggest producer of candies on the Belarussian Russian market. Our range products includes about 200 names. ...
  • 2k.Krasnov

    K.Chornogo 4-52 Minsk, Minsk

    Good day!I am a wholesaler of wheat flour from Belarus. We can export from 20 MT of wheat flour.Please, contakt me if You have an interest in wheat flour.Best regardsAliaxandr Krasnov
  • RUE Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units

    Baharova, Bobruisk, Belarus,213805

    Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units is one the largest enterprises in Belarus that produce spare for world-known tractors Belarus.High quality, prestige durability - key parameters production Bobruisk factory details units.At a marks ...
  • Floralis-cosmetic

    Mister X

  • Proftrade

    Stepnaja, Pinsk, Brest, Belarus,225710

    The firm Proftrade PLC is the young medium-sized enterprise with office in ***** company organizes own production of straw-pellets.We are looking for business partners long-term cooperation which interested purchasing large amounts straw-pellets ...
  • JSC "Technika svyazi"

  • OJSC Polotsk dairy plant

    Frunze, Polotsk, Belarus,211413

  • Romtribo


    coal mine owner, high-quality steam coal, coal mine owner, high-quality steam coal, coal mine owner, high-quality steam coal, coal mine owner, high-quality steam coal, coal mine owner, high-quality steam coal
  • Unitape

    Partizanski av., Minsk, Belarus,220082

    We are a professional manufacturer of various packing products in Belarus and Russia.We manufacturers high quality polypropylene plastic strapping for fully andsemi-automatic machines manufactured with strict specifications. At the same time we also ...
  • Minsk real estate agent

    Nekrasova 17 / 2

    Situated in the middle of Europe, charming and versatile yet unknown for many foreigners past, Belarus has now been discovered by thousands tourists, travellers businessmen from all over world. Influx guests to general its capital particular increasing ...
  • Evrotermika

    Trostenetskaya 3

  • Senten

    Zhudro 37 Minsk,

  • Lovingtone commerce Ltd. (Minsk branch)

    Loginskaia, 9

  • Karpuk

    Janki Kupaly Brest, Brest region

    Nowadays OJSC «Savushkin product» is one of the most well-known dairy production manufacturers in Republic Belarus. Of late company produces juices as well.The products are to Russian buyer, exported Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova ...
  • Eurotradeglobal

    Pushkina 39-307

    no profile
  • Vitaflex Ltd.


  • Svetlogorsk Production Association Khimvolokno


    Dear Madams and Sirs, Herewith we are pleased to introduce ourselves you your esteemed company. We state-owned enterprise Republican Unitary Enterprise Svetlogorsk Production Association Khimvolokno, Svetlogorsk, Republic of Belarus. the biggest ...