Companies in Peru

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  • Pesqueria Producto Del Kope Eirl.

    Alfonso Ugarte 248 Matarani Port Islay, Arequipa

    Located in Southern Peru on the dock "El Faro" Islay - Arequipa, we capture, process and export premium quality seafood products to various countries around world. Our factory is located 3 meters from sea whose comparative advantage warrants ...
  • jumpcreative

    av. abancay 817

  • Belle Nuit

    Apolo 177


    1250 SE 31 CT. 101, HOMESTEAD, Florida, Peru,33035

    Firm specializing in consulting business and consulting legal for Americas . We have main office in Peru .
  • Atlandes Peru S.A.

    Chiclayo 353 3rd Floor

    Trading company dealing with peruvian origin raw materials, exporting minerals, marine and agriculture products. Squidmeal, fishmeal, frozen mackerel, frozen hake, frozen scallops
  • afrodinkaperu



    Las Flores, Iquitos, Loreto, Peru,

    Our company (aquarium) was established in 1992 Iquitos the Amazon River basin.We export tropical fish and we breed baby turtles.Presently are exporting our products worldwide but main market is Japan.We can offer a large variety of ornamental fish:- ...
  • G.A.E.A

    Perez Aranibar 164, Dpto 101, Urb. Barrio Medico

  • Amazonatur Life S.A.

    hernando de Luque# 211

    Vendo productos naturales, condimentos y granos peruanos como MACA (Lepidium peruvianum), PALO SANTO (Bulnesia Sarmientoi.), CURCUMA (Curcuma longa), QUINUA (Chenopodium quinoa), KIWICHA (amaranthus caudatus), UNA DE GATO (Uncaria tormentosa), ...
  • JuanFernandez




    we have 2 properties totalling 3000ha with potential of over 500M mt iron ore 30km from coast. looking for seller or joint venture partner.

    Callao Lima, Lima

    My company is engaged in the distribution and marketing of products for hospital use its various uses services, likewise my operating within entire Peruvian territory, because I would like that immediate response to any requerimeinto proforma which ...

    Av. Bolivia 148 of 2239

  • handsofthelp S A C

    Av. El Bosque Mz D Lt 1

  • Acricorp S.A.C.

    Av. Michael Faraday 928, Ate


    La Rosa Toro 1042 of 302 San Borja

  • skynettour

    Av Tullumayu

  • Frida Gonzales Gutierrez

    San Carlos 32 Urb Los Angeles

    company dedicated to the preparation of raw materials and finished first export quality
  • Andexport

    Other, Peru,

    Peruvian distributor specializing in the distribution andarticulation of organic and conventional Andean grains.We offer a sustainable supply on prices, quantities immediateshipment.We participated joint chain our productsand guarantee best ...
  • Esther Robles

    Mirones 48-G

  • Hernan Del Rio

    Jr. Almeria 127

  • Profish Trading

    Av. Paso dr la Republica 3245 Pisof Lima, Peru,

    PROFISH Trading SAC is a company with 15 years of experience on trading frozen fish, fish oil and canned fish. Our offices are located in Peru Ecuador, which serve as contact points for producers South America, particularly Peru, Chile Argentina. We work group ...