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  • Namenska Oprema Janko Poljak s.p.

    Krumperska 23, Domzale, Slovenia,1230

    Our family firm NAMENSKA OPREMA Janko Poljak s.p. - NOJP was founded in 1986. The purpose of the is to enforce itself a field industrial automatics and electronic measuring equipment for special purposes.Our main activity development production machines ...
  • Vacutech

    Teslova, Ljubljana, Slovenia,1000

    Vacutech is manufacturer of:- vacuum aspirators,- inhalers,- devices for suction of mother\'s milk.- oil diffusion pumps- vacuum fittings- vacuum chambers- vacuum angle valves and switches.
  • Interlogis d.o.o.

    Struzevo 66, Slovenia, Other, Slovenia,4000

    HonorableIn the business world of today cost logistic services represent a major share product price, that is why correct choice transport route and service providers vastly important as means cutting costs to lowest level possible.Next our main office in ...
  • Pejo D. O. O.

    Industrijska Ulica 3

    PEJO Trading is a well known company, leading in Slovenia the market of cosmetics, personal care and detergents with an experience going back over 15 years. We have our own production privat labels all kind detegents big insecticid portfolio, which you can ...
  • MBvision d.o.o.

    C. Andreja Bitenca 112

    MBvision is a Slovenian company that developes, produces and sells high-tech optical measuring systems for wood, iron, car metal industry. Our products are based on linear CCD cameras, which were developed by MBvision, image cameras. Cameras integrated ...
  • Iskra TELA

    Cesta dveh Cesarjev 403

  • Iskra Sistemi

    Stegne, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

    Iskra Sistemi is a global provider of industrial solutions and electrotehnical products. We are the largest national company in fields process automation, communications security systems for power distribution, transmission, networking, powerline ...
  • Simport d.o.o.

    Pristaniska 8

  • Rok Pirc

    Dogoška cesta 128 Maribor,

    I am one person without my own company.srdtgrdeztgrderederztgredredredgregergzerrggegzeraerghearhgdefrhg
  • Iskra ISD-Strugarstvo

    Savska Loka 4, Kranj, Slovenia, Slovenia,4000

    The Iskra ISD company consists of a group companies which have been engaged in processing metal and plastics for more than 50 years. Their field activity used technology differ while they common orientation the production technically precise constituent ...
  • Alpod

    Podskrajnik19 Cerknica,

    We are importer for wood flooring, such as solid and engineered flooring. We are selling flooring products in Europe.
  • BIG A Trade d.o.o.

    partizanska 8

    Hello! We are smaller supplyer for old c. carton (OCC) and waste paper. can supply up to 100T of OCC 50T paper per month AND UP TO 100t polyamid granulate flakes all kind colours. Greatnes squeezed cube is 800x800x800 70kilogram. ...
  • Elis Consulting Llc

    pp. 7 Celje,

    I ame looking for SOLAR NoHoHon. Please send me your pricelist with the best prices! Order of appx. 5000 pcs!I ame looking allso for MP3, PM4, Ipod nano, GSM/mobile Phones,..


    Our company is working in the environment that characterized by 400 years of experience producing, processing and finishing steels. We have 60 pneumatic tools production. The second large product group technological equipment for spring plants car body ...
  • Nevev Tla

    Ljublanja 1 Ljubljana, Ljubljana

    ni je ker nem. ...
  • Hidria Aet

    poljubin 89 a, Tolmin, slovenia, Slovenia,5220

    pls see *****We produce systems of cold start diesel engine (glow plugs, heaters, air heaters, elektroniks, etc.) Our market are OEM producers and spare parts market.Agents are very welcome.

    Rajspova ulica 22

    Finakos Group is a group of following companies : Finakos d.o.o. ( ) international trade Ilkos candles production Spedicija Goja transport , logistic Ekoplastkom - plastic ...
  • VEEL

    Bilecanska 5

    Our company is in Slovenia / EU. We produce and sell mattress from 100% NATURAL latex, also foam mattresses. . search for new markets all over the world. product are made high quality material, by order, If want, we can make with your name on, logo etc. Fire retard ...
  • STT Strojna tovarna Trbovlje d.d.

    Prapretno 63a

  • Ebatt d.o.o.

    Borovec 31

  • Limles S.P.

    Klenik 46 Pivka,

    Laminated plywood chair Tina is a result of many years experience and technological perfection. Chair has loading attribute therefore suitable for furnishing the buildings, where enquiry chairs massive. Chairs can be upholstered in leather, artificial ...
  • Mediapro

    Zaloska 222

    Business developing in East Europe for different clients, preliminary studies, feasibility negotiations Consulting marketing, sales, management and political environment Lobbying business millieu Political consulting Market opinion research ...
  • MAiS Informacijski sistemi d.d.

    Zg.Gameljne 20 Ljubljana,

    Fidelity Property Management System. Multi-currency system,multilingual feature and reports included. It is based on the wide experience in hotelbusiness.
  • Koselj Duplje d.o.o

    Zg. Duplje