Companies in Madagascar

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  • Manou

    ananakely antananarivo, analamanga

    Jewellery shop in 16 Rue Ratsimilaho antaninarenina. Also have a gemstone cutting factory and supplier in industrial stone
  • Trading Stones Society

    II D 21, Ambondrona Tsiazotafo, ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar,101

    We are exporters of Malagasy rough stones and we wish to obtain contacts with the foreign importers, from all countries continents, especially organizations operating in mining sector. We specialized works stones, industrial or precious want spread ...
  • Fresh Export

    No 17 Cite Seimad - Andabizy Andabizy, Toliara

    Dear Members,We own factory and crab farm in Madagascar we supply Live Mud Crabs, our species are Scylla Seratta & collect both from the wild fattened crabs of 600 grams up. Our optimum quality, full flesh out, accompanied by excellent taste texture.We packed ...
  • Batimada

    lot II i 3 ankadivato, antananarivo

    Batimada, is exporting Centella Asiatica to many different countries such France German, south Korean, and at the moment being, we intend you our offer as below:Description : DRIED CENTELLA ASIATICAorigin:MadagascarProduction process: taking sample on ...

    Antanananajojo, Senganinga

    SARAH VOLAROJO We export: fresh mangoes, Raw cashew Nuts, Peanuts, white beans, lima beans, dry lemon, Cocoa Beans, etc...
  • Expodemada

    Lot IIJ 91 FA Antananarivo, Antananarivo

    Color:Amber/ Silver/GreenDensity:2.6 - 3.2Specific heat:0.20 Hardness:2.3 3.0 Coefficient of expansion per� perpendicular to cleavage plane:30 x 10-6 ? 60 Thermal conductivity plane: about 0.0010Thermal conductivity:about 0.012parallel ...
  • Consultant En Produits Agroalimentaire �Madagascar

    IVB 463 Ambohimanala andoharanofotsy Antananarivo, Madagascar

    hi,we are an trader of different products from Madagascar, and we have more collaborators partners to ensure the quantity quality according customer requirements , now, searching for a good serious buyers long terms contract.For information, please ...
  • Green Horizon SARL

    74, Bis Pareclle 12-21 / 22, Analakininina

    We are exporters of spices like Cloves, Clove stems, Black Pepper and Cinnamon broken sticks. also export pulses such as Lima beans, eye Red kidney beans Peanuts from Madagascar. Our warehouse is situated in the port city Tamatave called Toamasina import rice ...


  • Amboasary Mining Company


    We are mica mine owners in the south of Madagascar, we are specialized in mica phlogopite (golden and ...), we find serious buyer for a long term contract trade.
  • aL bogari Commodities


    al bogari Commodities is a global trader of agricultural commodities. We have been merchandising and trading in international markets since 1974 consistently ranked as one the largest dates Fruit traders world. trade unique blend niche mainstream ...
  • Ets MAZAVA

    Gal Andriamahazo, Antananarivo, Antananarivo, Madagascar,101

    Ets MAZAVA has been in the field of medical equipments since 2002. It has known tangible progress since that year. The company would like to extend its activities worldwide, in terms of business relationship.

    bp6A Andronodobona

    undertaken of trade we sell products such as wood of marquettery and cabinet work, spices and we are opened at all requests of our customers

    Lot 03 579 D Soaniadanana

    MANEVA is a Brand of sportswear in Madagascar
  • David Mining Cooporations Sarl

    ivandry tananarive, tananarive

    Our company sells a lot of quantity of columbite and bauxite products. Please contact us for more information.
  • VOAMAINA & SPICES Madagascar

    IIN &83 B à Anjanahary Tananarive, Tananarive

    We are dealing with large experience in spices as cloves, cinnamom bark, pepper, green cardamom, essential oils, eugenol, crude clove leaf oil, refined stem vanilla beans, extract, coffee black eye lima cow peas ...
  • Société KALFANE Fils

    37, rue Richelieu - B.P 171 Majunga, Boeny

    Exportation de produits locaux de MadagascarRaphia - Cire d\'Abeilles - Café - Girofle - Poivre noir - Black eyesPour toute demande, n\'hésitez pas à nous contacter.
  • Aisha Bibi Import-Export

    10 rue de La Batterie Tamatave, Tamatave

    We are a trading company based in Madagascar.We export spices like: cloves, vanilla beans, black pepper, cinnamon and we import rice, sugar,wheat flour etc.
  • Madagascar Commodities SARLU


    Committed to a constant Quality Improvement Process, MadagascarCommodities LLC aims raise the profile of export products ofMadagascar through customized service adapted needs ofeach client. For this, broadest options will be presented tomeet most ...
  • Mayflower EXIM Ltd

    4, Rue Romain, Tamatave, Antsinanana, Madagascar,501

    We supply shade dried Centella Asiatica and Cinchona barks fromMadagascar. We are actively soliciting investors for the aboveprojects in Madagascar.
  • Societe Leadwell S.A.R.L.U.

    Logt 560 Cite Ambodinisotry Antananarivo,

    We are a miner having mines, developing mines of gemstones such as ruby, saphire, tourmaline, amethyst, etc. and minerals such as uranium, copper, rare earth miners, chrome, etc in Madagascar
  • NIAVO MADA Co. Ltd

    IIN 183 B ?Anjanahary Antananarivo, Analamanga

    We export high quality product from Madagascar to any country in the world. Clove, vanilla beans, cassia, pepper, industrial stone.

    La Bananeraie Pont sur Ivoloina

    Environmental research, we specialized in bamboo ingredients and several endemic plant active for the environmental industry, cosmetics, industrial applications with a specificity on water treatment technology, fish farming, aquaculture. Michel ...