Companies in Sierra Leone

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  • Elavalie and Co

    57 wilkinson road Freetown, western

    my compny is into vehicle service, supply of spare, supply of equipment. but our major work is service.
  • Donsel Store

    11 Wilkinson Road Freetown, Western Area

    Jewelry... Gold 18karatbuilding to be specified laterdyestuffs, pigments, paints and inks.. to be specified laterdecorative and household items to be specified later
  • Trans Link Logistics

    32 ROSS ROAD

  • line 7 (sl) ltd

    29 liverpool street freetown,

    We have being in the mining of gold and diamond for 4 years now. We have diversified our business domain. We are looking for coorperation with other partners.
  • Johnsons Medicals

    136 wilkinson street freetown, freetown

    We specialise in health care delivery and other hospital equipments we are also into missionary works.We started the year 1980 got imortation 1985.By 1985 won a contract to supply National with since then went trading. ...
  • Bo Village Miners

    2 Bo-John Street Bo Town Bo Town Sierra Leone , Bo Town

    my Name is Mohamed Abis Bangs am dealing on Gold and Diamond representing Local Community we are the leading producers for both in our Country Sierra Leone, Company celled Bo Miners association, also Mind all mining activities community which complies over 49 ...
  • Edwin Dundas Enterprises

    Green Street Freetown, western


    65 Murray town

    i am introducing myself .We are Indian based company havingconcession in one of the West African country, we have avirgin tropical forest for logging and sawing next 50 years, got your website internet , would like to get assoicated with esteem supply our ...
  • Ralmes Associates

  • Kristal Company

    69 fourah bay road Free Town, , Sierra Leone

    "Kristal Business Agents Ltd., is a licensed business agents and the company has been established since 2008. Originally opened in Sierra leone\'s central district by MR DENNIS SPAINE , continued to grow diversify. Today Kristal Ltd continues offer you ...

    5 Smart Farm Off Wilkinson Road

  • Agnes hpldongs ltd

    10 buma street freetown,

    very vasatile fast moving and in a good environment with all facilities in good place which is really accessible
  • Gold Standard Investment Ltd.

    Lafia bougou

    We are the leading sellers of all kinds metal scraps in ouagadougou burkina faso. sell including camions trucks and engines, earth moving caterpillars, farm tractors, heavy duty cars used rails locomotive generator plants. . ...
  • Abhajar

    83D,Bai Bureh Road,Kissy Freetown, West

    The voacanga seeds is an extract from the friuts of tree that medicinal and used in pharceutical industries to produce medicines.The bark roots are also for same purposes.We harvest september market them a dried form both locally internationally.I can supply ...
  • Africa .Mining Company (Sl) Lmt

    26, wilkinson road freetown, wester africa

    We can supply you any quantity of gold and diamond need we will give a good price. are looking for serious buyer who interested to do long-term business with our company in Sierra Leone.We forward hear from soon.Best RegardMohamed kabbarTell: ...
  • Wisconsin International Limited

    14 Easton Street Freetown, Western Area

    we are a gold and diamond company.and we are a advertisment company and agent for many buyers in west africa region.thanks.scott andersen.
  • Gold.Com Ltd

    23 robaneh rd.makeni makeni, bombali

    my company helps in selling real gold to posied to take this business because i think people out there wants it more than we do
  • Azmil Minerals

    14 western area Freetown Sierra Leone, Siera leone, Freetown, Sierra Leone,

    IntroductionAzmil Minerals is one of the longestestablished and most prestigious tradingcompanies .We offer you unparalleledexpertise in trading Hardwood Charcoal  on the international market.We have keenability to leverage our 5-plus years ...
  • Asti Enterprise@general Merchant

    34 J Freetown Rd, Lumley Free Town,

    We are exporter of see food and timber logswe are owner and producer.We give fast and good servises and very competetive prices
  • Mineral Source Salone

    Freetown Freetown, Baoma

    We are looking for potential Buyer of Au Gold & Rough Gem Diamonds Stones. Anyone who Interest to buy Raw Gold, bars or Rough diamonds should contact us to proceed further.

    745 king street, freetown, Freetown, Sierra Leone,

    LION MINING. DIAMOND, GOLD, METALLURGE ANDMINERALS EXCHANGE. Lion Mining Exchange hasbeen in business for nineteen years with mining plant andoperations Sierra Leone and Libraria . Our annual output is6.5 million per year; we have recently ...
  • Afrikminerals Int

    Gbense Koidu, Kono

    Afrikminerals internation is a trading company which deal on minerals, stones and general goods in Kono Sierre Leone. West Africa. We are genuine honest our business deals therefore welcome serious buyers from all over the world to come do with us. ...
  • OWCC

    21, Charlotte St. P. O. Box 1189

  • sierra farmers association

    23 Saika Steven

    Sierra farmers association deal and sell fresher coffee beans and cocoa to consumers and factories, interested buyers should contact our farm in south of sierra leone for quatation or send us an email
  • Alliance Overseas Co. Ltd

    126 Circular Road Freetown, na

    Water Based Road Marking Paints,Water based Road Marking paint machines, Road Safety and safety wear, Glass Beads for water based road marking paints, accessories and safety signs for road construction