Companies in East Timor

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  • Global Excite Printers, Ltd

    Jl.Rua Setubal No.26 Kolmera, Dili

    Global Excite Printers, Ltd are a genuine one stop shop for absolutely anything and everything all kinds printers have mission is to create, through innovations improvements, new values its users, business partners, competitive price the wider ...
  • Nicolau Avenida

    Avenida Presindete Nicolau Labato Dili, Dili

    Our return policy is based on the simple principle of servicing our customers. We enjoy an extremely low rate due to upfront service and accurate information about products before they are ordered. Unused merchandise can be returned for a full refund within 30 ...

    Rua Tibar, Timor Leste Dili, Timor Leste

    We are Distributor and Exporter of Timor Leste Coffee Beans. provide ARABICA ROBUSTA coffee beans.Timor has a distinctive taste fragrant..We also have beans origin Indonesia.Please feel free to contact us for any request...Whatsapp: +6287876509808Line ...
  • Sara Lee

    Chunlei Road


    1 Hongqi RD

  • Tomes Lcde

    Rua dos Martires da Patria Dili, East Timo

    Our located in Dili and Jakarta has been a wholesaler of Toys from 2005. Now we are expanding business with clients Worldwide. We always provide quality products long period warranty competitive price considerate service. mission is to share success grow ...

    Rua Jacinto Candido No. 20 Akadiruhun, Dili

    We are the laregest trading company in East Timor. Trading a wide range of food products, from agricultural products to processed foods and canned food. also sole agent/distributor for number well-known Timor market. ...
  • Heaven Ventures Ltd

    Jalan, Suai Kota No 1 Suai, Cova Lima

    we are a trading company interested in doing business with any interested parties. please do feel free to intereact with us in this facinating business world.
  • Hanker International Group Co.,Ltd

    Dony Road

  • Explorer Solutions Pte Ltd

    2 Bukit Batok St 24

  • Patriadelaraso

    Rua Dos Martires Da Patria, Bairro Pite Dili, Dili

    We are Patriadelaraso company, we sell used product like total station, ground penetrating radar. All our product is original, excellent condition and have warranty.Please see and visit our company.
  • Soalago,co

    Rua Dua street 100

  • Rame Store

    Rua Aimutin 71 Dili, Dili

    Rame Store is a professional exporter of any kind products hardware and tools from brand models with manufacture warranty. We enjoy good reputation being reliable business partner in the international arena for high quality, favorable prices, timely ...
  • YappaHumbug Coffee Exporters -Timor Leste

    Barrio Formosa, Dili, Other, East Timor,

    YappaHumbug Coffee exporters is a newly established company set up solely to supply the world with 100% ORGANIC Civet Beans.We have spent past 12 months sourcing suppliers from main coffee growing districts all over East Timor.Currently we hold large ...