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  • Marchepieds

    : Tortola Pier Park Tortola British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands

  • Sadeli Trading

    PO BOX 4856

    We are able to source all of your chemical requirements at the most attractive prices. Please send us an enquiry to
  • Mint Petroleum & Lubrications S.A.

    P.O. Box 1192, The Valley, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands,

    Mint Petroleum & Lubrications, S.A., a registered ***** company, is your source for world wide major fuel purchases. Providing aggressive pricing on both short and long term contracts, we ensure our customers fast turnaround all transactions. ...

    Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands,3175

    Dear Sirs,We are glad to pay our respect your good company.Please consider the information about powder milk given belowPhysical and chemical data:Percentage of moisture maximum 4.0%Percentage fat 1.0%Percentage protein 32.0%Percentage lactose ...
  • Virtus Global

    Virtus Global Ltd are a trading and sourcing specialist of agricultural goods globally. We sort, grade pack to European standards for our customers all over the world. do this at own facilities origin Its in name, Virtus, Latin excellence. Innovative, ...

    P. O. Box 957, Offshore Incorporations Centre, Road Town,

    KOOLON INTERNATIONAL CORP. is a professional manufacturer in different kinds stainless steel fiber and products. can manufacture into as thin 2 micrometer, products made by fiber. Such molding cover, belt, fabric, conductive yarn, other anti-static ...
  • TNQI Co

  • Bolt Industries Ltd

    Long Look Tortola, Virgin Islands

    Creating a Global force to be a Leading Force in Efficiency for in Products , Processes or Technology
  • shanghaiyfhco., ltd

    sanzao451, shanghai, British Virgin Islands,200120

    Please provide relevant information about your company, such as industry, size, production, establishment, etc.)

    British Virgin Island Ibc 569. 4173163, Chera Chambers, Road Town, Tortola

  • Commodore Insurance

    Columbus Centre, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands,

    Commodore Insurance was established to provide Specialty Insurance products in the Caribbean and elsewhere worldwide.You find our more about our company at xxxxx
  • Wilde Home Furnishing

    At Wilde we work focus on design , quality and customized supply solutions at an affordable price. We manufacture sell our own designs around the world as well managing production for some of larger customers. also offer sourcing solutions. have over 10 years ...
  • Medforest Limited

    P. O. Box 957 O. I. Centre, Road Town

    Medforest start up by several profressionals, global traders and local distributors specified in health, medical pharm. industries initially. With years of experience exploring China market, starting to expand the range products providing from branded ...
  • Funtik

    Drake Chambers, Administration Dr, Tortola, Other, British Virgin Islands,1110

  • the ezZENtials

    tarris hill

  • EG International Group

    Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive, PO Box 3469 Road Town, Road Town

    “EG International Group" represents only high quality equipment and products of USA, Europe and China in Chinese, USA, Canadian, European, Russian, and other markets.
  • Maxis Oils

    Petaling Jaya Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

  • swiss appliance Ltd

    waterfront drive, road town, tortola, British Virgin Islands,3469

    The name of the company is Swiss appliance Ltd, that located in British Virgin Islands.We are busy with exporting agricultural products, grown southern parts Russian Federation. The products: wheat, pea, mustard, barley, millet, flax, rape. If you have any ...
  • CH Non-Food Import-Export Corp.

    Pasea Estate

    Ch non-food import-export corp. Is specialized in supply and do turnkey intallation of all kinds power plants, generators, bottlinglines, water treatment systems as well different plants equipment. Their partner company europe is a leader mobile ...
  • WEISHANG stainless steel products CO., LTD

    Guangdong province, of the Caitang Town Chaoan, Caiyuan road of, British Virgin Islands,515644

    WEISHANG stainless steel products CO., LTD, locating in ChaoAn district, Guangdong province, owned advance productive equipments and large technological capability. We specialized varied kinds of dairy stainless-made products, especially a series ...
  • China New Natural Healthcare Co., Ltd

    LianHua Park , FuTian District , ShenZhen ShenZhen ,

    The Treatment characteristics of Pine Pollen, 1. Strengthen resistance, resist the fatigue 2. Have recovering function for diabetes patient 3. Beauty and Skin care, dispel spot 4. Maintain liver protect 5. Balanced weight 6. Adjust intestines stomach 7. ...
  • EuroAsia Invest Capitals LLP

    Earls Court Squre SW 59 BH, London, British Virgin Islands,

    Our company wants to buy acid grade fluorspa total content not less than CAF2 -97% minimumri n quantity at 2000 tonns minimum on FOB - conditions main Chineese ports . We ready for a long time cooperation
  • Bigl's

    Road Town Tortola P O Box64 Road Town,

    looking for dual sim phones with wifi and gpslooking for dual sim phones with wifi and gpslooking for dual sim phones with wifi and gps
  • CCM.INc

    claus, smmtam, nottingham, British Virgin Islands,

    we engaged in the peptide manufacturing for years, we have several chemists with experience , and also have excellent equitment . The single batch is mg to kg with purity more than 99%.