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  • Sanex S. R. O.

    Jevanska 23

    Sanex designs, manufactures and markets fire suppression equipment that enable consumers firefighters to effectively work, succeed, perform accordingly in extreme conditions. The company's products combine essential core technologies, ...
  • X-armor

    Evropska 677/150

  • PROFOD Ltd.

    Prazska 1470/18b Prague 10,

    PROFOD Ltd. is importer and distributor of Personal Protective Equipment in the Czech Republic. We are prepared to add your products our product range.Our further main activity sell custom- ready-made workwear clothes. cooperate with large portfolio ...
  • METEL s. r. o.

    Padoli 272

    We are specialized for developement and production of the CCTV transmission systems.All devices manufactured comply with Harmonized European Standards.According to these Standards, products tested provided TUV Certificate as a basic document ...
  • Exatherm

    vlastovci 4491 / 18

    EXATHERM Ltd was founded in 1992 and specialize manufacturing selling ogTechnical Laboratory glass thermometers, Clinical thermometers Hydrometers. Production is carry out our own factory located the heart of world-known glass-manufacturing region ...
  • AUTOGARD spol. s r.o.

    Dornych 47

    Since early nineties Autogard spol. s r. o. is a specialized manufacturer of personal and automobile access control equipment. Our products are characterised by using high technology, modern design trouble free long term service in all climatic conditions ...

    Rostislavova 1265, Uherske Hradiste 68601


    Vlcovice 61, 742 21 KOPRIVNICE, Czech rep.

    I am a producer of police batons, antiriot batons, Tonfas. I export it to more than 40 countries.
  • COMINFO inc.

    Nabrezi 695

    COMINFO inc. is an exclusively Czech company which has operated on the market since1990. The specializes in development and production of identification systems, access devices, RFID, turnstiles, gates implementation sophisticated information ...

    Armadni 245

    Hofmann company was founded in 2003 as a specialist company focused on developing and manufacturing RFID tags. We are able to produce HF and UHF RFID tags according to customer requirements.

    Prazska 1602 / 7

  • Marzanoform

    Taborska, Plzen, Czech Republic,32600

  • Ab-TROM s.r.o.

    The Ab-TROM s.r.o. Company was established in 2000. It has used rich experience field of structure protection against negative effects atmospheric electricity, which our engineers and development workers have gained since 1987. In the year 1992 ...
  • Meditrade, Ltd

    Pod Marjankou 12 Prague 6,

    We sell golf products within eastern part of Europen Union: golf equipment, golf gloves, golf appareil, golf tee, etc.

    jeremenkova, Prague, Czech Republic, Czech Republic,14000

    We are international military dealer. We selling armoured vehicles and spare parts to from czech russian orign. do the transport. dealer of clothing, helmets etc. More info you can find on ***** ...

    Jenecska, Praha 6, Czech republic, Czech Republic,CZ16100

    law enforcement and military tactical equipment and gear supplier, wholesale. Holsters, pouches, bags, gloves, googles, boots, helmets, coveralls, uniforms, jackets, belts
  • Albion Group a.s.

    Zbraslavska, Prague, Czech Republic,

    Largest swimming pool enclosures manufacturer in Europe. Our unique patented packing and shipping system allowed us to develop a world-wide distribution network. Having over 500 employees 3 factories Albion Group a.s. produces distibutes 5000 covers ...
  • STHW

    Zbraslavska 1, Prague, Other, Czech Republic,

    STHW is a main distribution partner of HW GROUP manufacture for Middle East and Africa. We are reponsible building reseller network in this areas.HW European M2M monitoring products which widely used remote control over Ethernet IT, data centers industry ...
  • Novatec Sicherheitstechnik xxxxx

    Strojirenska 260, Prag, Czech Republic,15521

    We are whoseller of the EAS solutions in EUROPE - Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Austria, xxxxx