Companies in Bosnia and Herzegowina

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  • Mont Focus

    dobrnja bb

  • Extado

    Alipasina Sarajevo,

    We are producing rabbit meat and coat. We can offer big quantity weekly. Meat and coat is produced from rabbit hibrids.
  • Sellier & Bellot

    Mula Mustafe Baseskije 63 Sarajevo, BiH

    We were established at 1825 considered one of the oldest companies in Europe, provide all packaging machines and parts these supplies as well tools. As we also Machinery line for production aluminium tubes. Individual lines cartidge production, including ...
  • raka company

  • Anilvitinka Corporation

    Armija BiH 10 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    AnilVitinka is the imported producer of mineral water and soft drink in Bosnia Herzegovina. It among best companies this field BiH because its installed capacities natural resources. Constant improvement position waters, Vitinka owes to beneficial ...

    Husinskih Rudara bb


  • BMC Soft

    Igmanska cesta 72 Sarajevo,

    We are company for selling computer components and information systems for manufacturing, finacials, services etc.
  • Discount Shop

    vasif-bega biscevica 16


    Radnicka bb

    We are company for export wood products, manely sawn goods of beech and oak logs
  • Steel Foundry Jelsingrad Livar

    Brace Podgornika 8 Banja Luka, Banja Luka

    Castings weighting between 0,5 and 5000 kg, single or serial production, depending on buyers requirements.According to its use, we produce castings for railway, machine, mining, oil, chemical food industry. Our assortment includes steel with special ...
  • BIO-SUN D.O.O.

    Srpskih sokolova, 1


    M.Marijana bb, Tomislavgrad, BiH, Bosnia Herzegovina,80240

    We are a company dealing with production and sales of electricalcable installation. The has been around for 30-odd yearsand the annual at 1, 500 tons. Finance is about 100million euros. Recently, we cater predominantly to European market, whereas in past ...
  • KRIVAJA1884 doo

    Radnicka ulica 1

  • hstyundefined

    Bosnia Herzegovina,

  • Aveho


  • Adrija-Produkt d.o.o

    Gorazdanska b.b Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina

    Our company is founded in 1996 and growing since.We are one of the biggest import/distributor/wholesale companies Bosnia.We have very wide range products : 1.FOOD: flower,rice,pasta,oils,canned food,spices,sugar,mayonaisse,ketchup,snacks ...
  • Eko-trade

    Solunskih Boraca

    We produce all kinds of willow baskets and willow furnitureWe have over 15 ha willow plantagesWe have over 50 cooperantsWe export our produkts to Germany und SwitzerlandWe are going to international fair in wien
  • Isra APEX

    Rudarska 61, Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina,75000

    Isra APEX doo Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina is company established in year 1998.Our bussines is based on import-export used trucks and construction machines. We export in contries in Europe, Asia and Americas.
  • sdfgsdfgsdfg

    asdklfjasdfa, sdfad, asdfasdf, Bosnia Herzegovina,jksjhfh

  • Cosic


    bravnice-kamenice bb Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Company Liv prom was founded in 2005. Headquartered Jajce (Bosnia and Herzegovina), it employs 35 employees works on wood processing the manufacture facility, which extends to 4000 m2 of closed approximately 30,000 open space where wooden cable drums fir ...
  • Penti

  • BIRA d.d.

    Jablanska bb

    Bira D.D. is one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina region. It located Bihac, north-western part it easily accessible by road railway. Adriatic seaport Rijeka allows world wide connection with our suppliers as well ...