Companies in Liberia

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  • Varney & Sons Import & Export Inc.

    Gardnerville City, Somilia Drive

    We are pleased to introduce our company (Varney & Sons Import and Export Company) . The is engaged in import export venture of various commodities across the continent. This business has achiev a letter accredition from Government Liberia. ...
  • Jahanz Inc.

    6-D/19-7, Mirpur dhaka,

    we are the bangladesh based company that exports and imports around the world. we do visa services also.
  • LAG Fashion (Lib.), Inc.

    Frank & Chacha Bldg., Oldroad Sinkor Monrovia,

    LAG is a 100% Liberian owned company that was established in A.D. 2000 to wrestle market share of the economy. The name stands for owners\' initials (Louise, Angie & Garretson). We are wholesale dealers fashionable apparels accessories. Our full range ...
  • Tsunami Agriculture Company


    Tsunami Agriculture Company is based in Liberia, West Africa. Our principal business is the import and export of agriculture products.
  • Africa investment Group

    Broad street

    we are investment africa Group, an a legitimate company operating in Liberia.we deals with use phones and phone accessaries, computers accesaries.
  • SKT Farmers group of businesses inc


    SKT Farmers group of businesses was established in 2013 by fourpeople. The company is situated the central part ofLiberia. Its main activities are: logging, construction, mining,exploration, export sawn hardwood timber, softwood soliciting ...
  • Jmt Enterprise


  • Liberty Investment Liberia, Inc.

    108 Benson Street Monrovia, Montserrado

    Liberty Investment Liberia, Inc. ia a new company born out of the fact that Liberia is just emerging from war and lot scrap can be found lying around. We have very experience staff capable handling all transactions.The mesurado River has an abundance oyster ...
  • ASSD Cleaning Corp

    1st Street, Sinkor Tubman Boulevard, Monrovia, Liberia Monrovia, Monrovia

    We supply the latest Super automatic SSD cleaning solutions, universal chemicals, activating powders and specialize in all types of defaced notes, black anti-breeze, stamped marked or stained currency. melt re-activate frozen chemicals offer 100% for ...
  • West Africa Scrap Corporation


    West Africa Scrap Corporation(WASCORP) is a duly registeredLiberian Corporation. WASCORP  was established in 2013by  band of professional Liberians. The sole objective ofestablishing to provide business trade services for bothscrap traders and ...
  • Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Company

    Liberia, Liberia, Other, Liberia,

  • Mast Incorporated

    11th Street, Sinkor,Tubman Blvd Monrovia, Montserrado County

    Our Company is involved with international trading cleaning services and construction.We are looking forward to do business with internation partner.
  • PIMEX Lumber Corporation (PLC)

    Broad & Randall Streets

    PIMEX Lumber Corporation (PLC) is a 100% Liberian owned company, established in 2007. We engage logging and wood related activities. presently produce sawn timbers based on our customers' dimensions.Some of species include Abura, Aniegre, Doussie, ...
  • Soli Battery Scrap Company

    Benson street Monrovia,

    We have a yard where we dump battery scrap in large quantity, sell them per metric ton and our price is affordable. can ship to any buyer destination, all be clean water must remove inside the cell before export out from country. sign monthly contract supply 2,000 ...
  • Timber and Scraps Company


    The Timber & Scraps Company is from the United State of America and we have branches from African and Asia. Currently we engage in the exportation of Scraps and Timbers across the world.
  • J-Palm Liberia

    72nd SKD Boulevard Paynesville, Liberia

    J-Palm is an oil palm processing company based in Monrovia, Liberia. We produce palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm kernel cake, and palm kernel shells. For more information, go to
  • Central Quarry Inc.

    140 Coopers Beach Monrovia, Montserrado

    We are a producer of high quality crushed granite stones and quarry sand and looking for buyers to trade with.
  • Sec Gulf Security Services LLC.

    CID road

    Sec Gulf Security Services is a solution provider for security systems and also guards. We provide our customers with wide range whole solutions. CCTV systems... video over IP , Access control...etc both public sector such as police, airports ...etc well ...
  • Trade Liberia

    Villa 18, Lower Virginia.

  • Libex

    24 Robertville Street Monrovia,

    We are looking for best price suppliers of vegetable oils, rice and tomato paste. Please provide FOB quote, packaging size, minimum order and number of cartoons or bags per 20ft conatiner.
  • PIMEX Group

    Broad & Randall Streets, Monrovia, Montserrado County, Liberia,Box 1245

    PIMEX Group is a trading company, established in 1998. It\'s previous name was PIMEX Trading Inc. We deal general commodities. Our subsidiary company Lumber Corp., specializes production of Camwood Sawn Timber. ...
  • Dayuu Enterprises Limited

    Broad and Center Streets P. O. Box 4000

    DAYUU Enterprises Ltd. is a Corporation legally established in Monrovia, Liberia with Representative Office Beijing, The People's Republic of China and Kuala Lumpur, the Kingdom Malaysia. was formed 1996 as corporation to engage Trading Consultancy. ...
  • Lib Export Import Traders Inc

    14 benson street monrovia, mont

    We are a business company that involved in buying used phones from users and sell them bulks or pieces to Companies entities. we also have affiliation with some mobile manufacturing companies the USA,Finland japan, so their new product customers need them. do ...
  • Mandacamp

    10 broad street monrovia,

    Dear Sir/Madam.Key Products/Services: We are professional manufacturer of GUM BASE and COCOA POWDER here in China for years enjoy great reputation land abroad. FOR BASE, Our gum base is an integrated body economy scientific research engaged legal ...

    2 Savannah street

    we are metal scraps dealers in LIBERIA .we can supply to any destination .