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  • Bely Aysberg Ltd.

    26-2.3, Sadovaya Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region

    Bely Aysberg Ltd. is a private, wholly Belarusian owned company founded in 2011. Our main activities are the supply and export of inorganic organic chemicals chemical products (raw materials, binders, dyestuffs, water treatment chemicals, pigments, ...
  • Unimax Chem Ltd

    ul. Lisina, 21, Bara Baranovichi, Brest Oblast

    UNIMAX CHEMICAL COMPANY LTD. We are considered the highest Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of all kinds Silver liquide Mercurials such as: Liquide Mercurials, Metallic Red Prime Virgine 99.999% ...
  • Kampari Ltd.


  • Chemindustry LTD


  • BelAliansGroup

    16-73 International

  • Camchem

    us yorkers, site

    3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethyl Ammonium Chloride99%;white granule ,orangic flcoulant ,Coating Auxiliary Agents, Paper Chemicals, Petroleum ,Anionic polyacrylamide is a kind of soluble high molecular weight polymer or polyelectrolyte. Having ...
  • M5 group ltd

    Behtereva, 8. , r. 422

  • Nikita Gas and Oil

    Lenina street 8a Vitebsk, Vitebsk

    TradeVerifyWe are certified mandate to the end seller\'s, we have reliable Seller with Refineries and able fulfill your orders. my seller their own server (Refinery) for production of all Russian products.such as. d2,mazut,jp 54,lng,lpg,urea.only ...
  • O.M.E Group

    21-613 Chicherin Street minsk, minsk

    We are O.M.E GROUP of company registered in the republic belarus.we manufacture and supply following product alkali,alkali Caustic soda,Caustic Soda/Caustic Soda Flake,Potassium Hydroxide White Flakes,petrochemical caustic soda ...
  • CHTUP "Burshtat"

  • EU Ventures Co Ltd

    776 Hillary Road,

  • Docendo Ltd

    Privetlivaia,13a Minsk, Belarus

    We work with Petrochemical Products-Urea, D2 Rassian Gasoil , Mazut-M-100, Aviation kerosen colonial grade 54JET Fuel.
  • IP khilimonchyk

    Rafieva 25-1-22 Minsk,

    Deterioration of environment in this country results universal hypoxia. This is reason �1 for most diseases the population. Alas, living conditions nowadays do not help to preserve health, while hypoxia brings with it rather grief consequences. Lack ...
  • NDA Ltd.

    14, Sovetskaya Street, Gomel, --Please selecte--

    We sell quality Chemicals, Mercury, Ores and Petroleum product with best price and swift shipping process. Contact us for your order.
  • Belfarbspectr

    Tomskaya 65/2-3 minsk, Belarus

    Our company located in Belarus. We are trading company.We offer pigment violet-3 (made in Japan) at very attractive price.
  • Dovaskumy

    9, Makayonka St minsk, minsk

    SPECIFICATION OF RED MERCURY RM-20/20 1. chemical formula Hg2Sb2O7 2. general molecule mass 756.61 2g/mol3. weight: 1 g equivalent 196.01 4. purity 99.99 % 5. isotopical 99.9999 6. color cherry red 7. condition of the product under normal (liquid) state ...
  • Lakokraska

    Ignatov street

  • IE Yegorov

    ul.Vatutina 9,59 Borisov, Minskaya oblast

    Offering high quality pine colophony, cable colophony, turpentine and other chemical goods manufactured in Belarus
  • GDchemix Co , JSC

    Centralnaya str., 1B Novopolye, Minsk district

    GDchemix Co., JSC was founded in 1996 Belarus. The company\'s products find a constant stable ready market Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. company specializes the manufacturing of technical cleaning products, railway transport chemicals, alkali, ...
  • EcoBinTech Gmbh.

    Stafeeva Brest, -

    We buy rubber crumb and used tires.We produce absolutely environmentally clean rubber destruction plants.We sell heating oil, fuel oil and activated carbon.