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  • Amirol s.r.o

    Gorkeho 10, Bratislava, Slovakia, Slovakia,811 01

    We sell big quantieties of Industrial Apples, wild mushrooms, Many types berries from Slovakia. We are also producer dry fire wood. quantities beech, walnut and oak wood for Asia Middle East. For more information about company products please contact us. ...
  • AIR KOMEA s.r.o.


    Our company is trading for a years specialy in EU and Ecuador, dealing with Beet sugar, Industrial sugar, Cocoa powder, Teak, Palm oil.
  • probio sk

    partizanska 8, Michalovce, Slovakia, Slovakia,07101

  • Zamagro Plus s.r.o.

    1 maja 470/59, Spisska Stera Ves, Other, Slovakia,

    Zamagro Plus Ltd.The business activity of the company Zamagro Ltd. production organic fertilizer from sheep manure, services in agriculture and horticulture, purchase goods for sale to final consumer (retail) or other operators (wholesale), brokerage ...
  • APILERA Group S.R.O.

    Mostna 13 Nitra, Slovakia

    Trading company. We are selling wood pellets, Crude rapeseed and crude sunflower oils. We are look for manufacturers and buyers for other products.
  • Fresco s.r.o.

    Cernysevskeho 26

  • Exim Investment Inc.

    P17 Kosice, Slovakia

    TradeVerifyDirectly the End Buyer of RSFO and other commodities,The Seller of Bank Guarantee� Instruments and other Instruments for proof of funds, Consulting regarding Bank Instruments and Swift operations.
  • Vitao Slovakia

    nitrianske sucany, Nitrianske sucany, Slovakia, Slovakia,

    We are small bussiness group.We are establisher in 2011 to bring a pire natural products to european market.
  • Esmar slovakia

    Lublanska 7, Zilina, Zilinsky kraj, Slovakia,01008

    Esmar Slovakia.We are new company (estabillished 2007) in Slovak republic.Our main customers are smokers and we offer him herbal grinders, tobacco blunts, rolling papers and much more.
  • Koliba a.s.

    Krivec I, Hrinova, Slovakia, Slovakia,96205

    Koliba dairy is a private corporation founded in 1993. Originally, it focused on the processing of milk from moo-cows pasturing Hrinova and Podpolanie land. The started its activity by three thousand liters (780 gallons) per day which butter, packaged PVC ...
  • Anna Mushrooms

    Hlavna, Hrabovec nad Labovcom, Humenné, Slovakia,06701

    We are offering you supply of various kinds mushrooms - (both dry and fresh). Our company is based in Slovakia. As it the Morchella Morel season coming up soon, we can provide with this kind mushroom. (both: fresh Morels will be iced fresh, top quality guaranteed ...
  • Milano Zilina

    Obchodna 5, Zilina, Slovakia,010 08

    *****Segafredo Extra Strong 1 pack - 100 pack ***** per 15e more 100 pack - 500 pack .. per 13edate of expired term 07.2011
  • Cableguard

    Hornadska, Bratislava, Slovakia, Slovakia,82107

    We are Cableguard based in Bratislava , Slovakia. member of since April, 2007. Our business is related to Electrical & Electronics Supplies industry and we specifically deal Cable organizer. Please find our product details below:Cable ...
  • SFOK Kosice Slovakia, European Union

    Na doline 32, Kosice, Slovakia, Slovakia,04014

    we are consultancy and brockerage associates which offer services for manufacturer and trade companies

    29. augusta 12

    We are Authorised European Representatives of Hemp Oil Canada, Inc. Products marketed in Europe under Strictly bulk or private label supplies. We have a proprietary state-of the art facility for isolation CBD (Cannabidiol) and ...
  • Chovex Spol. S R. O.

    Bernolakova 378/1

    Our primary focus is to raise the highest quality rodents (MICE, RATS, HAMSTERS, Guinea PIGS, GERBILS etc. Which we hold stringent health standards complying with EU requirements. The essential part of our success highly trained, certified, and dedicated ...

    Hurbanova 21

    Oxywise designs and builds on-site oxygen nitrogen generating systems based on pressure swing adsorption technology, cylinder filling systems, containerized gas control solutions. Quality does not only stand for excellent products, but also proper ...

    145-157 St. John Street London, United Kingdom

    Hemp Seed Oil is a private label and bulk supplier of hemp food products for Europe. We offrer EU certified organic hemp oil, hemp protein powder, hemp seeds, hemp capsules and more.
  • Pema energy s.r.o.

    M.Misika, Prievidza, Slovakia,97101

    Company sells pellets from ukrainyan factory to other countries in middle and west Europe. Our products have certificate O-norm and DIN. High quality, good price and reliability.
  • Larry S.R.O.

    K Lomu 5, Bratislava, Slovakia Bratislava, Bratislavsky

    Larry s.r.o. is the company supplying vegetable oils from Asian and African Producers to European Countries. If you are searching for sellers of rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or corn our exclusive agreements with trustworthy producers will allow close ...