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  • Asika Organic Products

    Tanuli, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands,00677

    Asika Organic Products is a small company that produces Coconut virgin Oil and Cocoa powder.The located on the island of Makira in tropical nation, Solomon Islands. The community based get all its raw materials from coconut plantations planations owned by ...

    Solomon Islands,

    We are a local company in honiara selling round logs.The mainspecies:Terminalia,campnosperma,calophyllum,Amoora,Pometia, mix,white mix..etc.We have lot of experience exportinground logs to Taiwan, Mainland china,Singapore & ...
  • Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour & Immigration

    P. O. Box G26


    West Kola, Honiara, Guadacanal, Solomon Islands,00677

    ALAh COCOA SUPPLIER is orinal from Solomon Islands and is looking for cocoa markets and buyers in australia and Asia to suppy its product to them. Alah cocoa suppliers is mainly focusing on dry cocoa bean for exports.
  • Xavier telecommunications

    63 with street, QLD, Other, Solomon Islands,4350

    My company is looking to export premium organic cocoa from Bougainville in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. I can supply coconut byproducts such as fibre shells, oil extracts etc coconuts grown the natural environment of south pacific islands.I ...
  • maghoho

    Prince philip

  • FROG International

    Mbua Valle Honiara, Honiara

    Our compnay is community baes company. We are agents and suppliers of local materials from Solomon Islands, like timber, logs, cocoa beans, sea cucumber and Gold.
  • Harvest Time

    Point Cruz, Honiara, Honiara

    Dear Sir/Madam,We are a company from Solomon Islands, South Pacific. We looking for potential business partner/s in buying Giant Clam Shell Mussel and Shell.Any person interested doing longer relationship please do contact the Managing Director ...
  • JSL Investments

    Ranandi, HONIARA, GUADALCANAL, Solomon Islands,1343

    JSL is trying to promote local products from Solomon Islands.We have been tradion since ***** as a small business then , JSL is steadly epanding.
  • Opstanak

    Omladinska Bb

    PRIVATE PRODUCTION & TRADE COMPANI medical herbs, wood fruits, wild funghi, snails end coltivate fruits vegetables. Activity: collecting and picking, sellecting, treatment (frozen, dried, in brine, dehydrated) . Our central office is Serbia but we are ...
  • Mentra Services

    Lord Howe settlement, Opp. National Referral hospital car park area; china town Honiara, Central Honiara

    Mentra Services is an indigeous business company comes from Ontong Java atoll. The starts with medical practitioner clinic at the beginning of 2011. With our huges sea cucumber products in lord howe islands, ontong java atoll that were locally paid by mainland ...
  • B2 Seaweed Traders

    Independence Valley Honiara, Guadalcanal

    B2 Seaweed Traders is a leading supplier of raw sun dried eucheuma cottonii seaweed in Solomon Islands, South Pacific. We can supply quality and quantity seaweed at any time during the year at a competitive price.
  • Pure Solomon Products

    Other, Solomon Islands,

    If you have any inquiry feel free to contact with me,Regards.
  • Esme

    king George Honiara, Honiara

    This company deals in exporting dried seaweeds worldwide. We have just started this business so now we are looking for Buyers who can buy our products. ready to export products and established the Solomon Islands. ...
  • CTP International (S.I.) Co., Ltd.

    Tasahe Ridge, P.O. Box 1885, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands,

    Kindly contact us should you need dried cocoa beans and/or sawn timber from Solomon Islands we may be able to help you.