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  • anik4U

    11/1namni road,paidu.

  • RAAR Group

    International bazaar, Second Street, Nassau, Bahamas,

    Provides products as Direct Seller to Clients on a World Wide basis. We have very strict procedures and financiall requirements in order negate the myriad of broker chain BS. do sell thru Agents; Brokers that understand our terms conditions. ...
  • Fintec Trading

    coquieros, Florianopolis, sc, Bahamas,88054

    Fintec Trading is a main trading company, working worldwide offering foofd commodities from South America.
  • Mako Marine

    podoleo st nassau,

    good day and greetings. I am a seafood exporter catering to top end sushi restaurants, you are interested can contact me /we specialize in "uni" sea urchin salt water eeland many other species - please for these fine dishes caught fresh! our location ...
  • TamarindExpress

    Kool Acres, Nassau, Bahamas,N3901

    TamarindExpress has been in business for the past 9 nine years. It produces a candy made from tamarind.

  • Unni Marie Berg

    Great Guana Cay, Abaco, The Bahamas, Bahamas,00000

    A husband and wife team collecting ambergris from the beaches in The Bahamas.
  • DAPL Farms, Care Maintrnance,Ltd

    E Grand Bahama Highway