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  • Zalais Vilnis



    Kr. Valdemara, 57 / 59

    Dealwood is worldwide woodtrading marketplace specially for wood manufacturers, traders and agents. At the moment our are more than 6 000 companies from over 118 countries. On dealwood having trade logs, sawn timber, poles, pulpwood, plywood, furniture ...
  • SIA Baltstaf

    Sadovnikova 39, Riga, Latvia,LV 1013

    We are trading companies that can supply worldwide buyers with fruit juices and fresh fruits (melons, grapes, strawberries). We work directly carefuly chosen producers, to provide best quality prices our clients. ...
  • Zila Laguna Ltd.

    18a-2 Kleistu Str. Riga, Riga

    Company ZILA LAGUNA Ltd. is based in Latvia, Riga, with 20 years exxperience fish processing market. Our mission to take care of customers by offering them fresh and delicious hight-quality products, as well support our employees. Satisfied customer one the ...
  • Riko

    deglavas 9/32 Riga,

  • Kalifeks

    Malnavas str. 15

    SIA Kalifeks is a rapidly developing company in different business sectors Latvia. Since its foundation 1993 the has taken stable position various market segments. Nevertheless tackles each sector with professional approach and strengthening positions, ...
  • XY

    Brivibas avenue

    Whatever product that we offer, whether it be Physical Delivery or Service our standards are of the HIGHEST QUALITY.Thanks to experience and use newest automatic pallet production lines, company's partners notable for flexibility high speed in ...
  • Sia Elagro

    Uzvaras 14b

    Elagro - import-export of agricultural and animal fodder supplements like soybean meal, fish maize, microelements, rapeseed, wheat, barley. We are looking for supplier that is situated in eu country or exports already to eu.We a corn from EU. ...

    Saules 84

    We are timber product suppliers located in Latvia. Working with many local processing companies the Baltics and supplying joinery, furniture flooring factories warehouses Europe, Scandinavia, USA Asia. Main products that we work is: - unedged lumber ...
  • SIA "Fito Fabrika"

    Kr. Barona 88 / 2-252

  • Fine Mushroom Sdn.

    Ausekla Street 11

  • Mezhmali



    Kalnciema 88a, Riga, Vidzeme, Latvia,LV-1064

    Company "R SOFT RAZHOTAJS" during 10 years is the manufacturer of a fish meal, oil and also sulfonated in Latvia. We deliver our production to mixed feed factories, integrated poultry farms, pig livestock farms Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, ...
  • Peldosa Pilseta SIA

    Mezotnes 62, Riga, Latvia, Latvia,LV1002

    We are factory with capacity up to 20 000 pcs. per month, with flexible producibility small orders, glazed und unglazed clay goods.
  • SIA Biohumuss 2010


    Biohumuss 2010 Ltd as a legal entity has been formed not so long ago, however our team is built up of experienced professionals both in the fields vermiculture and international trade. For those new to concept vermiculture, short, it worm farming. More ...
  • InFerCo

    208 Brivibas avenue Riga, Riga

    We are trading company. We offer sugar beet pulp pellets and sugar beet molasses with delivery worldwide.
  • Nordic Timber Ltd

    Brivibas Riga, Latvia

    We are timber company from Latvia. Company is practicing with manufacturing and commerce. Our doing business providers Latvia, Russia, Belarus Ukraine also work as agents merchants in Worldwide. At this moment we can offer a large amount pine, spruce, larch, ...
  • Sia Sabel-balt

    Brivibas gatve 224 Riga, Riga

    Our company deals with the wholesale trade of pork and chicken products their offal. All are produced on modern European plants persistent quality control. Production located in ecologically clean picturesque regions Lithuania, Hungary Poland. our ...