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  • IB Shukuraliev


  • PRO Sklad Provision



    Karmyssov 76a/2, Almaty, Kazakhstan,050000

  • Demavend Trade

    Other, Kazakhstan,

    Company Demavend Trade was founded in 2015 Kazakhstan, togetherwith partners from Iran for the supply of agricultural products,grain and oil crops, different varieties flour Kazakhstanto Asia.Osnonye benefits company is honesty lowprices.Welcome to ...

  • Akpan Infiniti Ltd




    We export Kazakhstan wheat flour, wheat bran, oats, groats
  • IP Malysheva

    kazahstan , Lenina 25 Semei, VKO

    Europium (Europium metal, marks EvM-1, quality not below 99,98 % in net weight is offered to sale5986 grams, at the price 10000EUR for one gram. The company has possibility sell or receive extra investment money resources under program with participation of ...
  • BQ trading group


     Trading company from Kazakhstan “BQTrading Group” is offering you agricultural productsof next types : Milling wheat 3rd class on CIF, FOB and DAP basis. Unrafinated sunflower oil of first basis Sunflower cake mealWe are young dynamically ...
  • Karflour Export

    Shahtinskoe shosse 1 Karaganda, Karaganda

    we produce and sell the flour, grain of wheat, barley, feedwe feed ...
  • Kaz IR Agro


    Our main specialty is growing safflower seed and producing oil oilcake.With over 2000 hectares of farmland in the fertile region Zhambylsky we are now one largest producer Kazakhstan.The entire has been cultivated crops will be harvested October 2011. ...
  • DDX

    Valikhanova st, 24 apt 31

  • sesameeco

    Gagarin ave, Almaty, Other, Kazakhstan,050060

    Our company was established in 2008. We are producers and sellersof  the  cold pressed vegetableoils. Therange: sesame, peanut, linseed, pumpkin, black cumin oil, grapeseed, walnut sea buckthorn oil. We created our own brand BONNE. ...
  • profi status point

    Almatinskaia 29


    Sevastopolskaya. 5-42

  • Akmol

    Ratushniy, Almaty, Kazakhstan,

    Kazakhstan\'s three north-central oblasts, Kostanai, North Kazakhstan, and Akmola, account for about 70 percent of the country\'s total wheat output. Spring comprises nearly 90 grain area in these oblasts. Minor grains include spring barley oats. ( About ...
  • Smart SC, Ltd

    189, Tole Bi Almaty,

    Export from Kazakhstan of:grain (wheat, barley, flax, rye, millet, oilseed rape, soy-bean, corn, sunflower seed), sunflower-cake, wheat flour, bran etc. Kazakhstan.Our goal is making the long-term business relationships with our partners. ...
  • Vitalmar Kazakhstan

    Al-Farabi 17, Almaty, Kazakhstan,

    Our company is a reliable partner with excellent reputation. We value our good relationship suppliers and clients achieved through integrity, commitment, efficiency, respect responsibility. thrive on the daily challenge to perform successfully ...
  • AgroLife Harvest

    Other, Kazakhstan,

    AgroLife Harvest is a company who grows and export Safflower seeds.We are young company but our aim is to provide you with the best quality of our product.
  • globus-sp

    abai, almaty, almaty, Kazakhstan,050008

    we are servicing company (agent of Baltic Control) and offering our services for inspection cargo at destination loading.We also provide survey as per EU Regulations 800/99 (financial refund by government some food items sold from Europe to other ...