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  • Plantui

    Köydenpunojankatu 14 Turku, Turku

    we are a Design and Food Tech company currently seeking for reliable reseller of premium consumer appliances in electronics, smart technology, furniture, design green products South Korea. Our concept is called Plantui Smart Garden that patented, Reddot ...
  • Foodin


    Foodin is one of the leading superfood company in Finland.
  • Oy Linseed Protein Finland Ltd

    Pellavakuja 3, Kauhajoki, Finland, Finland,61800

    Manufacturer of new flaxseed ingredients for food and food supplements. Looking for new customers and distributors also.
  • Viherasema Oy

    Mechelininkatu 12-14, Helsinki, Other, Finland,00100

    We are specialized in hydroponics and vertical gardening.
  • Pharma Elite

    Suit # 4 Finland,

    What Are Sleep Disorders?Sleep can be divided into two types: REM sleep and non-REM (NREM) sleep. NREM has four stages of increasingly deep Stage 1 is the lightest, while stage 4 deepest.During normal sleep, you cycle through these types But if your repeatedly ...
  • Menka Investment

    Kaakkoinen Espoo

  • miousuionesd plc

  • Funghi Finlandesi Ltd.

    Nokiankatu 2 c 11 Turku, Varsinais-Suomi

    Our number one product is Boletus Edulis(Funghi Porcini) mushrooms. Product category contains only wild target market Europe.We are looking reliable partner who needs mushrooms.We also interested in buying wines from middle and south Europe.Owner have ...
  • New Foods Trading. Inc.


    We, as an trading company and agents, we are working on dehydrated vegetables since the was established in 1995, have many customers who need of vegetables.So each year purchase lots products to meet our customers' needs. So if you could needs, please do not ...
  • Tradmar Ltd.

    Flemingsgatan 38 Eken�, Raseborg

    We are a trading company from Finland buying and trading all kind of products with Asian companies, such as: Computers, laptops, atv`s, segways, Mini wheel loaders etc, etc.
  • Muhaymin Lewoh Food ltd

    Korkeakoulunkatu 10

  • Medina Global

  • botimorein plc

  • Arnold co Ltd



    Merituulentie 424

  • euroaf inter co

    Neitytsaarentie 9b d78 Helsinki , Vousaari

    We are distributors of white long rice.We can offer our special prices for customers buying big quanity,please tell us how many Tons you required so get the best offers prices-Waiting your feedback soon.Yours sincerely,Mr Abdou seyManager ...
  • Edward OU

    Jakomaentie 10B b429 HELSINKI, ???????

    Manufacturing and wholesale. Dealers offer the best terms prices. Our product is 90% know-how. All goods are patented. Beware of poor quality imitations. We invite dealers distributors.Edward company invest in innovation help inventors begin production. ...
  • Nasara

    Kaarikatu 8 A 2, Tampere, Finland,33100

    We are a Finnish based company specialising of the exportof nuts and fruits from Africa. We also deal with other agricultural products as requred by our customers.
  • Veirin Ltd

    Saterinkatu 10 Espoo, Uusimaa

    We sell super lightweight grouting mortars (cenospheres) with density (under atmospheric conditions) 1200?1300 kg/m3.