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  • Jeanpiresltd

    blvd cape verde cape verde, cape verde

    Less roasted than Korea\'s the other companies products and no sediment.0% benzopyrene oil produce is one of biggest challenges.Take Perilla seeds powder\'s omega-3 fatty acids every day to help your brain work better! ...
  • Kumba Yalla Ltd

    plot 201 Praia cape Praia ,

    Ours is a company established and registered for the purpose of export agricultural produce from west African sub-region, also involves in other deals natural minerals extraction to international market. Presently we seek expand go into capital ...
  • Dezershamerisltd

    cape verde blvd34 cape verde, cape verde

    We are the best breeders of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs all species parrots. All our collected from healthy birds in Aviary , tested 100% confirmed for hatching babies . now taking orders those who interested raising up their own baby ...
  • beijingbohai

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  • Morgan Companies Ltd

    120 mamfe dubacha, lt

    we export first grade crude oil and seeds,so just contact us for more information.i ma sure you won짼t regret it cus quality goods world wide.we raw finish product of oil,depending on our customers needs. ...