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  • Klementsen Consulting ALLINNO

    Pb.107 Frekhaug, Bergen

    Dear Madame/Sir,Klementsen Consulting ALLINNO operate as export/import consultant for a large group of warehauses and brandmakers in Europe. We are ALLWAYS seeking new innovative products, able to buy "BARGAINS" very quickly. Please sen us ...
  • Resource AS

    Johan Bojers v 30

  • aXimed

    Vestre Torggate 5

  • Viladomat Seafood


    International Seafood Trader bases in Norway and Spain. The company works with buyers and sellers worldwide. Our main areas is italy, spain, bulgaria, romania, russia and Africa.
  • Seafood Group Norway

    Kongsholmen Oslo,

    We are one of Norways biggest.Buying selling all kind of seafood - also we have big interest in oil, sucker and other items mentioned for the market.
  • Fritidsnett

    Kolsaaslia 2, Kolsaas, Norway,N-1352

    Distributor, retail and renting office for small machinery for agricultural work, gardenning and landscaping
  • Elena Fisketorget

    Fornebu 12 Fornebu, 1364

    We are one of the best supplier stockfish in Europe . can export world wide at a very good price. As Grade A specialising exporter from Norway, all our fish typically originates either Lofoten or Finnmark, which northern regions Norway. ...
  • Epsilon Agro Invest Co.

    Mombasa rd. nairobi, Nairobi

    dealers in fertilizers .eg CAN, VERMICULITE. etc manufactured our industries. we offer factory prices, transportation and other necessary services. product is certified by authorities eg bureau of standards ...
  • Sununu Import

    gamle stroms vei37 oslo, Norge

    Dear Sir/Madam,Good day.Let me introduce my self first. My name is zayid and I am import manager of sununu Company oslo norway.We are larger importer dates food we agent for alfoh comany date crown products such as ,oil ,sunflowers oil corn soya , vegetables, ...
  • Farmde Lotta Ltd

    mile 4 bergen, bergen

    we sale well refined agricultural products of all kinds and also for human consumption our are health checked with specification depending on buyers offer the best comodity oils,vegetable,nuts, other not mentioned if interested in any this you may please ...
  • Simar Coffee

    Frognerveien 3

    Simar is a company with one simple goal. We strive to produce the highest quality of world famous and highly recognized, Kenyan-Arabica coffee beans. Moreover, our aim deliver high-end an affordable price worldwide. As important, philosophy building up ...
  • Cross Country Herbs AS

    Hanekleiva 149, Hof, Norway,3090

    Cross Country Herbs LTD is a distributor og health products to cats, dog and horses.Our branded-3 for pets is manufactured in the North of Norway. This product is made from pure salmon oil.
  • Ohfa

    oku, bamenda bamenda, north west

    This company is aimed at supplying oku white honey that is good for human consumption. This produce is also good health wise and we do suppliers in high quantities and of good qualities.


    We do food production and, retail and wholesale of asian imported food in Scandinavian marked. Mostly products from Thailand.
  • Dreamtm Norway


  • Com Mi

    Harald Sohlbergsvei 3, Oslo, Oslo, Norway,1064

    Com Mi is a concept within catering. This company is operated at the moment in a local area and it\'s still under development.
  • Nordic Surplus Liquidators Co

    Stavangergata 46 OSLO,

    We urgently require suppliers of Refurbished Refrigerators/freezers, stoves, washers and TV sets. If you have for sale, send us an email with product specifications, C&F and FOB.
  • roga farms


  • Norway Seafood Avd Batsfjord

    Holmen, 9990 B?sfjord Batsfjord, Batsfjord

    10,202 Freezing fish, fish fillets, shellfish and molluscs, 10,209 Slaughtering, processing and preserving of fish and fish products, 46.381 Wholesale fish, crustaceans and molluscs