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  • Szelence Kft.

    Csatamez� utca 2. V찼c, Hungary

    Szelence Ltd. was established in 1992 as agent and distributor of a leading mechanical seal manufacturer. For today, we have become key player for the distribution service seals, pumps, vacuum machines, mixers other rotating equipments Hungarian market. We ...
  • One Euro Market Kft.

    Ken Utca 4.

    We are a hungarian wholesaler company called: One euro market kft. import and export many kind of products. Our objective is to satisfy the needs avrage people, with variety our only dealing wholesalers distributors. provide highly good quality products, an ...
  • V-Contact Ltd.

    Ipari Park 4333 18. Szada, Pest

    We are a hungarian trading company. We buy and sell Unilever, Procter, Reckitt, Colgate etc. products.
  • B.Corn

    Ovoda utca 2 Tengelic,

    B.Corn was established in 1990. It has always produced maize-based food, mainly by extrusive cooking. Curretntly it\'s producing reform/health food, such as garnish corn breeze and tortilla fluor.


  • Chemimark Ltd.


    Chemimark Ltd. Was founded in 1991. Since than we are producing only road marking paint. But have the capacity to produce other kind of paints, too. Our products meet EU standards. We ISO 9001 certificate since 1998. High Solid, Cold Plastic and Spray paints. ...
  • Bestchem Hungaria Kft

    Ringlo ut 4.

  • Vinyl Ltd.

    Adler K. Str. 19.

    Vinyl Ltd. was founded in 1992. The headquarter is located Miskolc, and there a chlorine filling station sodium-hypochlorit production facility our Budapest site. Ltd tailor-made supplier for water, chemical-, agricultural-, plastic-, paper-, glass-, ...
  • Gyoer Distillery

    Budai u.

  • dven kft

    Ad 2

  • New Force Oil Hungary Ltd

    No.14 Mikes Kelemen Kaposvar, Hungary

    Dear Sir,We able to and willing buy sell these kind of product.: JP54, D2, En-590. We know very well there are a lot fake pirates companies in the internet we wouldn\'t like waste our time with companies. If you looking for an inform buyer, please send us your offer ...
  • Chemicalsproductsltd

    Konyves krt. 20, Budapest Pf: 144 1472 Hungary Kalman, Budapest

    We are Hungary Firm that produce import and export useful legal house hold and daily used commodities all over the Word with branches in two European nation
  • Peltons Chem Store Ltd

    Kehidakustany, Zala, Hungary Kehidakustany, Zala

    We are able to supply the best quality dermal fillers, mesotherapy, Numbing creams & Gels , orthopedics, cosmetics peelings ,Botulinum . At Peltons Chem Store Ltd we provide you a one-stop shop filler destination. products at very good prices with safe ...
  • E&E Best Pharmaceuticals Limited

    2 Budapest Budapest, Budapest

    Our Pharmacy is a fast-growing, research chemical product manufacturer with low-cost operations based in Bordeaux and Kiev sales marketing offices worldwide...Since our inception as supplier June 2006, GreenLight has become leading by moving rapidly ...
  • Mobil-Fix Ltd.

    Halap street 4 3/11 Debrecen, Hajdu-Bihar

    The name of the company: MOBIL-FIX Ltd.About us.MOBIL-FIX Ltd. provides environmentally safe solutions for industrial, agricultural and residential wastewater management, as well hazardous waste pollution remediation. We expanded our product ...
  • Teddy Roux Pharmaceuticals Cooporation

    Budapest1051HungaryBudapest Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

    Our company is the prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of high quality pure SSD Chemical Solution for Cleaning Machine. We offer super automatic solution z.w.v.8 model activation powder reactivation powder, anti-air mercury automated money ...
  • Tuska Janosne

    Luther utca 5. Bekescsaba, Bekes

  • Akilio Zoldos Zrt

    Telforth Utcza Pecs, Pecs

    Mercury (Silver & Red - 99% Purity)Mercury is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number 80. It also known as quicksilver or hydrargyrum ( < Greek "hydr-" water "argyros" silver). A heavy, silvery d-block element, mercury ...
  • Norbert Nagy

    Janos street

  • Kaz Agro