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  • Chemtek

    10801 National Blvd., Suite 101 Los Angeles , California

    we are looking for reliable and experienced Chemical Factories that can supply us the following Chemicals1.Sulfuric Acid 2.Nitric Acid 3.Hydro Chloric Acid 4.Acetone5.Caustic Soda
  • Western Metal Fabricators Inc.

    70 NORTH MAIN ST # 214 BOUNTIFUL, Utah

    Western Metal Fabricators line of Propane (LPG),Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) Transport Trailers, LPG Skid Tanksand Porta-Pacs, DOT 407 Crude Oil Trailers and AluminumVacuum Trailers.Western TrailerDescriptionsPropane (LPG) Anhydrous (NH3)Transport ...
  • Chicago Line Service & Trade International

    317 W Hawthorne apt. 3

  • Moore Steriods Firm

    4052 Little Bay Ave North Las Vegas, Nevada,

    high-tech enterprise which engages in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting advanced pharmaceutical intermediates Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), electronic materials other fine chemicals with pain pills steroids.We have ...

    1141 Wagon Wheel Cir

    We are the legal representitive of grandi riso, acqua paradiso, pastificio granarolo for markets u. S. A, Canada, Taiwan, south America. also have a wold wide fertilizer department inside my company that we can sell at competitive prices. developing market to ...
  • Veritas Global Health, LLC.

    7206 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn, NY

    Veritas Global Health, LLC. is a globally positioned company dealing in manufactured products the healthcare and cosmetic sectors. At Health we synchronize consumer needs with strategic marketing, striving to provide that are relevant cost effective. Our ...
  • Organic Technology Company Ltd.

    7234 Kindred Street

    We are an American company who also have branches in Hong Kong and China. exclusive supplier for 2 major Chinese steel manufacturers. Also we distributor Asia a US organic product manufacturer. Our disinfectant products is registered with EPA & NSF. It ...
  • Cenveo

    2901 Byrdhill Rd Richmond, Virginia

    Commercial printing plant with over 50 locations across the United States and around the world. We specialize in all facets of printing including magazines, journals and envelopes.
  • Mecu

    po Box 123 Minneapolis, MN

    Market Expansion - Poultry- D2- Scrap Metal- Construction Materials- Tribunes- Electronics- Shoes
  • Vander Business Group,Inc.

    Suite 808, 1220 N. Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware

    Our company, Vander Business Group, Inc, is manufacturing ethanol, beverages and sugar. We own sugar cane fields refineries in Brazil the Dominican Republic for years. Basically we produce ICUMSA 45.Recently have expanded our activities started ethanol ...
  • Excellent Group

    11200 S. W. 89

  • REF Industries

    5081 madison ave san diego, ca

    To acquire chemicals in which to use in a proprietary mixture for various applications along with up to date process proceedures.
  • True Radiance Inc.

    21 Field

  • AFIFI Enterprises

    20 Heatherfield Dr. Trumbull, CT

    Tide liquid detergents as follows:Tide totalcare cool cotton20 uses, 50 oz100Tide Renewing Rain20 2X Ultra Pure Essentials with Baking Soda ,Lemon Verbena Liquid26 loads, ,White Lilac Simple Pleasures , Vanilla & Lavender25 40 Rose Violet25 Waterlily ...
  • Nachmann INC

    9233 W. Pico

    Small but strong company. Involved in creating and marketing our Enzyme products which are helping people all over the world rid their homes facilities of Mold, cleaning waste sewage stations residential homes...Our Coil cleaner you will find to be top ...
  • Ds Goods Only

    21 avenue saint peter road orlando, florida

    Ds Goods Only this company has been establish since on the 19 of may 2003 and as C.E.O i D.R desmond assure you that trust in my medicine not me shall see outcome dont have more to say contact for information (401)321-2590 ...
  • Chemswiss USA

    2000 town center southfield,

    Dear Sirs, Founded in 1998 with our headquarter Switzerland and branches Europe, China , India ,Latin America together partner today ChemSwiss AG become stronger organization. After many years of providing high quality ingredients to the pharmaceutical ...
  • Alibaba User

    225 Bay Street, LongView Building. Suite 3