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  • sanger contracting company

    Alhuria Streeeet

    We are sanger contractings limited. Our company is established in baghdad 1992. made alots of contracts to supply iraqi ministry trade with detergents and raw meterial produce from differents country. export high specifications sulphur. ready big quantity ...
  • Reng Photography Services

    30m Ring Road Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq

    Iwould like to provide me the price list for the Solvent printers and and other type of printers such as large format printers.Thanks
  • albara


    TO WHOM IT MAY BE CONCERN Dear Sirs1-We ( Albara company) would like to present our selves as one of the best private sector companies in Iraq that specializes commercial business and supply material equipment for different project Iraq. Our around all govern ...
  • Basara

    Alnasr Street

  • Shanghai Trading Co.,Ltd

    podoing podong , shanghai

    we are trading company in shanghai ,we are deal with hand tools and hard ware ,we have many products
  • alaa hazem

    bab aljadeed

  • Vegoil Comapny

    iraq baghdad,

    ( vegoil company ) The in brief general for vegetable oils industry is considered one of the largest companies country specialized production liquid and hard detergents soaps cosmetics it first that obtained iso 9001 certification .The founded 1970 After ...
  • Esmailyia Co.

    Street No. 1, Al-Razy Building, Nafuq Al-Shurta Baghdad, Baghdad

    All type of industrial chemicals and related catylsts used in oil industry. Pipe and fittings are also frequently ordered. All these materials to be supplied to oil companies in Iraq. Cables are also requested.
  • Ghad Al Iraq

    alsadoon St. baghdad, karada

    we are iraqi company located in iraq-baghdad we supply our government and client with D2 , diesel from global market ,
  • Al-reza Import&Export Company

    Mahla 102, Zoukak 31 Bulding 3 Saadoon Street

    Our company intersted in seeling and buying all kind of water treatment. We are conterloing about 20% treatment machinery market Iraq. import every thing realeted to from RO units blowing machine filling offer it the market. ...
  • Ali.m.a.kadhum

    Baghdad 18

    Dear SIR'Swe are brokers of Iraqi crude oil
  • winners.LAB2016

    iraq iraq, iraq

    WINNERS LAB, We specializes in ssd chemical solution, activation powder and all latest machines for cleaning black Dollars, euros, pounds any other currency from security color to it`s original state.OUR SERVICES:Anti-freezing Preparations Prepared ...
  • Mehran Kurd Mahabad

    Haron belding, 40 Meter St.

    where clean cars are the standard. PKR-GROUP by Hossein Zaim and his wife both chemists was established in 1998. Designed to educate provide you with all of your car Detailing Products, Car Care Supplies , along our Detail Technical Support Center. After years ...

    Al Reyadh street, 908 - street No. 29 building No.5

  • Research Center

    hjtjurtjfjhftjrtju rturturtur, rurururur

    kindly send me the instruction manual as a soft copy for BIOTECHENGINEERING FR-IT600 SPECTROMETER to my emailThanks a lot
  • Iraqi Oil management

    00 Karradah St

  • Aya for General Trading

    kuran street , south industrial zone erbil,

    dear all we would like to inform you that we are working in export and importing field,our main exporting and importing are paints, emulsion paints, oil paints, epoxy paints, roofcoatings..

    Iraq Basrah Alazezia St.

  • Computer Science Corp

    123 Main St Baghdad , Baghdad

    We are looking for supplies and equipment a large number of different factories plants, we would like to get quotes articials in the printing textile business. If you can help us out I appreciated it very much/ ...

    Najmat Subh, Karrada Dakhel,

    Nashid is a diversified, customer-centric company that single-source provider of Engineering and Logistics services to both public private sectors delivers its in number different ways, each dependent upon the needs clients. Regardless type service ...