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  • Buyallus

    san pedro ofimall, san jose

  • Consulores CRC

    San José San Jose, Paseo Colon

    Buenas Tardes,El presente correo tiene como propósito poner a su disposición los servicios y productos que nuestra compañía ofrece, cuales incluyen:1. Venta de bolas acero para Molinos desde $1160 por tonelada2. Cianuro Sodio $1950 CIF en el Puerto ...

  • Soluciones Mercantiles S.A.


    We represent prestigious companies based in Europe, Brazil, India and China. We are your partner in America to find new suppliers.
  • Unimarket Corp. S.A.

    zona Inudstrial de Pavas. San Jose, San Jose

    Represents and sell industrial products of diferents areas in the commercial markets.Not only in Costa Rica also all Central America.
  • Dicresa Int.


    We are a plastic bags factory company with operations in Costa Rica.Our orientation is the special films like coex and lamination.
  • Granulesio Co. Ltd

    San Jose

  • Relaciones Industriales S.A.

    Kmt 165, carretera 1 norte, Abangares, Guanacaste Abangares, Guanacaste

    We produce ultrafine, high purity (more than 98.8% CaCO3), white, calcium carbonate for the paint and pvc piping industries; we have a 7um. 1 um. average particle size, with less 0.05% retained in 400 mesh, also surface treated -1um pipes over 99% particles ...
  • Distribuidora Florex Centroamericana S.A.

    San Ramon 23

    Distribuidora Florex Centroamericana S. A. is a company from Costa Rican capital dedicated to comprehensive cleaning that also environmental-friendly. We produce and distribute high-quality biodegradable chemical products, under our brand FLOREX; we ...