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  • Dr. Riccardo Amalfi

    Corso Bonomelli 152 Rovato, Brescia

    I am a plastic and esthetic surgeon, I am specifically interested in amazingel, CNBTXA, Fillers etc.
  • Simp Spa

    via Triboldi 4 Soresina, italy

    Since 1950 in petrochemical business.Wax division distributes paraffin waxes (mineral, natural, vegetable, fully, semi, slack, microwax etc) having a dedicated terminal and logistic able to operate worldwide SIMP provides liquid solid material. Please ...

    Via San Francesco

    Just as the albatross takes care of its plumage before soaring across seas, we too take great in creating our products order to preserve beauty and value your belongings for their entire lifespan. Our performance are strength brand. Welcome ROYAL WINGS/ ...
  • Trade Materials

    via vicinale cupa san sevevrino, 26

  • Decofinn Snc


  • A.& B. Tecnologi


    BUILDING-PANEL CONCRETE- STONE CONCRETEa&b, A&B tecnologie edilizie, case, casa, edilizia, materiali, materiali per prefabbricati, recinzioni, recinzioni prefabbricate, ingressi, pannelli compositi, edili, rivestimento, mattoni a vista, ...
  • VP-P Srl

    via rezia 1 Milano, Italy

    We re a company acting in commodities markeplace by close business relationships with primary seller company.
  • Nord Resine Spa

    Via Fornace Vecchia, 79 Susegana, Treviso

    NORD RESINE SPA, founded in 1987 specializes construction chemicals and works daily for the research development of both new products technologies.NORD SPA provides sector advanced solutions companies professional applicators, including industrial ...
  • Fomet

    Via Larga 25 San Pietro di Morubio , Verona - Italy

    FOMET SpA has manufactured and merchandized special natural fertilizers for professional agriculture since 1973; it must be remembered, however, that the first experimental tests were started in 1969. The philosophy of processing developing its own ...
  • Reca Plast

    Via dell'Artigianato 15 Osimo, AN - Italy

    Our company is a leading manufacturer of plastic bathroom accessories and we are looking for wholesalers dealers our products in your country. In case you interested cooperation , can send documentation offer. ...
  • Bertagni Consulting Srl

    Via Gramsci 98 Anzio, Rome

    Bertagni Consulting S.r.l. is a consultancy specialising in international trade. We represent the world leading producer of L (+) Natural Tartaric Acid and we are looking forward to find importers users that would directly import our product from Italy ...


    REDOIL ITALIA SPA, established in San Vitaliano (Naples - the south part of Italy), is a 40 year-leading manufacturing company petrochemical field.CHALLOILS its main brand name: it includes wide range selected ADDITIVES, CHEMICAL PRODUCTS, GREASES, ...
  • Colorlegno

    Via del Molino, 68 Lajatico, Pisa

    We produce over 300 producs for wood care and restoration of antique furnitures or iron artefacts. also some very good products modeling, sculpture casting professionals beginners.With our is possible to do: aging, gilding silvering, polish with special ...
  • C.D. Video S.p.A.

    SS Appia Vitulazio,

    Dvd-r manufacturer looking for stampers and dyes.Dye and stamper combination will give dvd-r 8x compatibility with most of recorders and players available on the market.

    via solfegna cantoni

  • New. Fa. Dem Srl

    Via Ferrovie dello Stato, 1 Zona ASI

    New. Fa. Dem is a pharmaceutical industry that has been authorized by the minister of health to production and trade human veterinary use drugs, cosmetics, drug substances allotment many raw materials. Our company makes large staff professionals skilled ...
  • impresa individuale

    via sacro cuore 12/b barga, barga

    I work on team with official buyer mandate in petroleum products, we are looking in jp54,d2,d6. buyer before issue tsa, need permission for permorme sgs test in seller tank at his cost

    Via Terni, 25

    Founded in 1969, Faren is now a leading company the field of transformation chemicals. throughout years has gained status Multi national group with presence Europe its own branches and distributors. Our production range: detergents, sanitiziers, ...
  • HanBass Chemicals Co., ltd

    Via Romagna, 9-20098

  • Pietro Verdi Srl

    via delle Rose 39 / c

    We are quarry and mining owners with zeolites in Italy Macadonia, our offices the town of Calgi province Pesaro on Adratic Coast, we have own rail wagons for delivery Europe, can refine to most customers requirements, pack 5, 10, 25, 50kg sacks big bags 250, ...