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    Gosanza-ro 269

  • Jong-Guendang FD

    620-21, Yongtan-dong, Chungju-si,, Chungcheongbuk-do

    Welcome ! Welcome to our e-catalog home.Here you can find information about our products. You can also send us inquiries and post comments about our company and products. We hope you enjoy your visit.


    We have been importing General Merchandise and Wooden Products in seoul, Korea for many years
  • Newtec Co.,Ltd

    Yeongsin-ri 605-2, Okcheon-myeon Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do

    We, Newtec Co., Ltd. is one of enterprises leading the mechanization aquaculture industry in Korea.As specialized enterprise, focusing on field only for more than 20 years by starting as individual enterprise 1992, major products are crane to be installed ...
  • Joy Trading Co.,Ltd.

    3F Shinhan Bank 1581-4 Woosan-Dong Gwangsan-Gu, Gwangju

    We, Joy Trading Co.,Ltd., was established to increase farmer\'s incomes and develop the national economy by exporting agricultural products processed foods. We work in close cooperation with farmers, manufacturers buyers as we want deal high class for safe ...
  • BANDO INTL Co.,Ltd, BANDO Med-Ginseng Co.,Ltd

    9 Fl, Dongwoo Bldg, 708-1, Yeoksam-dong Kangnam-gu, Seoul

    KOREAN GINSENG ! RED & WHITEThe spirit of youth-More precious than gold.Now you can experience the mystic efficacy of Korean Ginseng.
  • KBF Co.,Ltd.

    1066 Wonji-Ri, Juchon-Myeon Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do

    RE: Introduction our companyIt is very pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading company of manufacturing savory seasoning, snack flavor, color, and sauce in great-tasting with qualityingredients.Since founded 1977, we have enjoyed high reputation ...
  • Bulim Food

    410-105 Chunho-dong Kangdong-gu, Seoul

    Our company located in Seoul, Korea is a Kimchi manufacturer which nowadays the most famous food all over world. There are of course so many manufacturers Korea, but we proud quality ours, keep clean and sincerity to make. representative who have 18 years ...
  • AMZ I'ntl Co.,Ltd.

    Royal O/T309,#69-6,Namcheon1dong,Suyoung-ku Pusan, Korea

    Dear Sir,We are manufacture-exporter for offset printing ink.If you were in real position of these goods importer,pls feel free contact us and do our best to meet with your requirements.B.RegardsKang
  • Woosung Feed Co., Ltd.

    1027, Hanbat-daero, Daedeok-gu,, Daejeon

    Woosung Feed Co. is now doing a splendid business because for last 30 years we continued only to produce assorted feed in high quality and contribute improve productive capacity profits on livestock farming. Furthermore, have sense of duty supplying more safe ...

    503,Ok Bldg.4,Naesu-Dong,Jongro-Ku Seoul, Seoul

    Anion-Generating Indoor Air CleanerTransparent Protective Film CoatingMicrobial,Fragrance Micro EncapsulationFuel Saving Device for Gasoline and Diesel SUVSteamjet Car Washing MachineOrange Oil Extract Wet TissueMobile Phone Accessories of ...
  • Alalri Co., Ltd.

    #532-2 Buk-ri, Jillyang-eup, Gyeonsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

    We, Alalri Co., Ltd. always try to put ourselves in the position of our customers order increase quality products and so enhance health happiness customers. With a new way thinking through innovation, we provide "Saeng Saeng sliced jujube" ...
  • Konkuk Natural F&B Co., Ltd.

    168-1,youngdu-dong chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do

    By developing and producing Chungju Apple Vitamin, Konkuk Natural F&B is exporting its products to 5 countries, with 60 branches in just 10 months. It has also become a part of E-Mart other wholesale marts. The product been televised as Chungbuk\'s ...

    #168-1 Yuljeon-dong Jangan-ku, Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do

    We are an international network founded by Mr. Young Eui (Eddy) Park, Chairman who has been in international transactions since 1966.
  • GND seasco

    85.Cheongna Lime-ro, Other, South Korea,

    Now is the era of globalization. And development Internet culture evolving rapidly, future imagination coming true. Humanity also save time and money by purchasing a number products from other side world, using system that delivers up to his house. System ...
  • Bio Resource Inc.

    Juam Industry Park, 484-3 Gunggak-ri, Juam-myeon, Suncheon-si,, Jeollanam-do

    Bioresource Inc. was founded in April 2000 with the vision of building nature-friendly biotechnology company.We set up a plant for producing functional natural product including glucosamine oligosaccharide at Suncheon, Chonnam June 2001. We established ...
  • Vege Queen Ltd.

    822,Nam-myeon ,Jeongseon-gun

  • Taehyang.Co.,Ltd


    Let me introduce our company . This is Taehyang Co. Ltd,. Our main business area related with coffee and tea. We produce powders import cafe equipment beverage materials leaf teas from 8 different countriesWe can supply base powder about yogurt ...
  • Rosepia Co.,Ltd.

    531,Geumam-ri ,Osu-myeon ,Imsil-gun

  • YoungShin Food

    #10 GetveolCheheom-Ro Seocheon-Gun, Seo-Myun, Chungcheongnam-do

    Dear Sir or Madam,"Welcome to JOEUN MARINE FOOD LTD"Thank you for your support and attention extended our company, Young Shin Food Co., Ltd. We established the DAEJIN LTD. on January, 1997. And we expand factory facility May, 2010 changed company ...