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  • Salla International Factory for Chemical Fertilizers

    street salt 1279 new Industuries area Amman - Jordan, As-Salt City 1279 new Industuries area

    We are a Factory in Jordan we can supply these item: 1- DAP Di-ammonium Phosphate 18-46-0 Jordanian origin 2- TSP Triple Super Phosphate(0-46-0) P205 origin3- Phosphoric acid origin4-urea 46% origin5- liquid origin6- SOP origin7- MAP (Mono Ammonium ...
  • Al-Behar Industries Co. Ltd

    Sahab Industrial Estate, Amman, Jordan,115 12

    A leading industrial and trading company established in the year 2000. We specialize raw materials supplies to industries consumer goods major importers of Jordan neighboring regional markets as well through out world. are representatives following ...
  • green horizons

    majali, amman, Jordan,

    We are exporters for many organic vegetables and fruits, such as beans, figs, dates, pomegranate, cucumber, tomatoes, olive oil , and olives , we are located at Jordan.
  • generalfood

    nori, amman, Jordan,

    we r new company witch intersted of all kids of food stuff, we hope to find who share us our iteristing thanks.


  • Zuhdi Workshop Company

    Amman Amman,

    Heavy vehicle body Building and AccessoriesFitting all kinds of pumos . water pumps sewage pumps Vacuum pumps Hydraulic pumps
  • Jana Farming Co & Hamati international

    P.O.BOX - 3010, Amman, jORDAN, Jordan,11181

    we are a producers of fresh vegetables and fruits export to most the european countries.we interested pomegranate england Holland we need be introduced whom can buy vegetable from october may june ...
  • Global Vision International LLC

    amman amman,

    Exporters of alfalfa hay and wheat for animal feed directly from our fields in Egypt. We also export wood shavings used as bedding quality white pine compressed 25kg pp plastic bags. Also, we welcome offers suppliers the same products countries within region ...
  • Al-Riyadh Group

    Wadi Saqra, Amman, Amman, Jordan,

    Al-Riyadh Group , is a large group of companies located in Jordan .the consist many trading . cheese factory detergents paper oil and canning addition to the transportation air lines ships. ...
  • International Business Development Company

    Amman Amman, Amman

    Our Company" International Business Development Company -IBDC" based and registered in Syrian Arab Republic, the company main activity is to provide business development, consultancy logistic services international companies operating ...
  • DF

  • Al Kemmah

    Al Wehdat in front of al taybat village Amman,

    Al-Kemmah is a high-tech manufacturing company specialized in the production of Agrochemical Bottles.We produce Coex bottles for pesticides, veterinary medications and other chemicals factories requiring high quality bottles.Our manufactured at our ...
  • sukarrieh for fresh productions

    taj street, amman, amman, Jordan,

    new company looking at new way of trade so i try this site and i will se the offer s and until i understand ur way of tading mybe i can start my work with you
  • Josait

    Makka st Irbed, Irbed

    tomato paste 36/38 bx and 28/30 bx hot bk and cb.Fruits concentrates: apple orange mango strawberry grapes etc...
  • albasha & alrousan group


  • Jamaljehan for International Trades & Investment

    Algardens St., Amman, Jordan, Jordan,11953

    We would like to take this opportunity introduce our selves as International Company which is an Independent Trading registered in the Jordanian Ministry of Trade and Industry, based Amman was established at end 2006that deals also all fields Services that ...
  • Firas Bani-Hani

    15 dehia street

  • Jordan Sareyya

    Abdali, Amman, Jordan,

    dear sir,we are one of a truth international trading company can serve your requirements, many products waiting esteemed demands. not all companies do that .don\'t hesitate to contact us.saleh-1976 at windowslive dot comfaithfully yoursSaleh ...
  • MIT (Miqdadi for Int. Trading)

    Aref Anabtawi, Amman, G. Amman, Jordan,11118

    we are a trading company with head office in Jordan, partner office in iraq, and newly an office in china
  • Barakat Modern Farms

    37 Al Razi, Amman, Jordan,11190