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  • Beagley Copperman BV

    Zijdstraat 72, Aalsmeer, Noord-Holland, Netherlands,1431 EE

    High quality products. Great value for your money. Quick delivery. Guaranteed excellent service.Founded in 2008 and based the Netherlands, Beagley Copperman operates worldwide. Our customers include (but are not limited to) importers, wholesalers, ...
  • Amka

    hoogeweg 10 Amsterdam, nood-holland

    AMKA sells growtents and related products in the Netherlands, we will always aim to be up-to-date by the latest technology.
  • A.Heemskerk

    prins bernhardstraat 18

    We are a wholesale company in the Netherlands. spezialised is selling our products via web shop. sell CUT flowers and plants EUROPE, If you interested feel free to send me an email, ask for Chris Slagter ...
  • tijdlijn

    bischopzwijn straat 7 amsterdam, zuid holland

  • Globex International

    Rotterdam, Rhienlan industrail 32 Rotterdam, Rotterdam

    we would like to introduce many kinds of dried sea cucumber with competitive price:black sand fish, peckled white teat black prickly day pomegranate tala green stomach stone yellow and python curry fish. ...
  • Realix Traders Limited

    Utrechtsestraat 2, Amsterdam 1017 amstadem, amstadem

    our company is a company that deal with the supply of refined and crude oils. we supply sunflower oil, rape seeds oil, palm olien oil, rbd palm oil,corn oil,canola oil, soya bean oil.
  • Cigars for Eastren Europe

    Gyroscoopweg, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands,1042 AX

    Wij verkopen Nederlandse en hand gemaakte sigaren alsmede debijbehorende accessoires naar diverse Oost Europese landen. wijimporteren/exporteren levensmiddelen textiel bed en handdoeken
  • Four Elements Group

    Veldhuizen 3, Loenen, Gelderland, Netherlands,7371 GM

    ABOUT FOUR ELEMENTS:Manufacturer. Company situated in The Netherlands.Worldwide production and sales.Seeds flowerbulbs, growing kits. Cocopeat, Husk chips (Ecological), Terracotta pots, recyclable pots other.We supply international retail ...
  • Usta Doner

    De Huufkes, Nuenen, Noord Brabant, Netherlands,5674TM

    Usta Doner is a manufacturer of Doner Kebab according to tradional recipes. Next to this we produce client specific minced meat.
  • Cutflowers Ltd

    Looking for export (Cutflowers,Youngplants) possibility`s & import Cutflowers possibility`s
  • Henriques & Ozinga Trading

    cronjestraat 16

    We specialize in delivering our products the best timewindow we can come up with, lt's maingoal to set a healthy partnership for longterm relation, also like visit main costumers gain trusth and see help costumer out with any business plans, have team ...
  • Grarado Green Energy

    Skelte van Aysmastrjitte, Schettens, Netherlands,8744 EP

    Grarado Green Energy is a co-operative share holders company which producing high energy content biomass products in sustainable way for export to Europe. The are crops planted on existing, between, plantations fruits from large trees. Adding now ...
  • Shafique II

    Wolphaertsbocht 452, Rotterdam, Netherlands,3071KZ

    Our company is established in 1974 and resently passed over from farher to son.We have good contact in India and Pakistan for getting our produkts there and are looking for other contacts.
  • Aliy M Shariff

    zwolseveste 105

  • Ju Bao PE (HK) Internation Ltd

    Fa Yuen St Hong Kong,

    We are import and export plus logistic company , We buy and sell the products with market demand and sell in Asia and Europe market.
  • Anatolia Enterprise

    molenslootstraat 126 den haag00, zuid-holland

    Generated new deals between a real seller and real buyer companies that focuses on multi-million dollar the energy sector Oil Blocks and Gas.
  • Hooijmans Champignons BV

    Kloosterstraat 9

  • ECT Europe B.V

    Mgr Berkvensstraat 47

    We are one of biggest mushroom companies in the NetherlandsWe supply following productsFresh cultivated mushroomsFresh wild mushroomsDried mushroomsFrozen mushroomsDelicaciesSpecialise all kind wild, cultivated, dried, frozen, sliced and ...
  • NLS vinkenveen BV


  • SunImpex B.V

    SunImpex BV Beursplein 37,Beurs World Trade Centre Beurs World Trade Centre, Beurs World Trade Centre

    SunImpex a global producer, marketer and supplier of food ingredients (fruits and vegetables based), agricultural commodities. Company supplies agro products in different parts of the world.