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  • Teeside fashions

    198, Ellaithottam Road,Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, Russia,641004

    Marketing Strawberry Fruits,Vegetables and Pulses - need buyers/Importers of all vegetables ,fruits and related products.
  • Holding company "Multisel"

    Magnitogorskaya 52 G

    Constanta P is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was formed by Euroholding and Artis-agro Export out comers 2003. Since 2006 the company had became known on local Russian market as chick peas bran pallets trader. In 2009 we started exporting of wheat to ...
  • WarldTrade

    A Iulia 33

    We are trading company. We sell sunflower oil, soyabean oil, rapeseed oil. Also we sell different kinds of grain (wheat, yellow corn, etc...), beans (soya beans), oil seeds (sunflower seeds, rape seeds).
  • Fanesstar Limited

    Fronzinskaya St, House 56., Moscow, Russia,117932

    Fanesstar was register as one of the russain company On 13 july 2003 whit groups three people, Mr and Mises Barsukov Gennady Aleksandrovich Pavel Andreyevich From this day on we have be a successful And working orther from are neigboring conutrys.we start ...
  • Typhoon Llc

    129226, MOSCOW, ul. AGRICULTURE, 15, Bldg. 1 moscow, moscow

    typhoon llc is a notarised and recognized company in russia for its vast,constant regular exports around the world agro petrochemical products whirled, providing sistance at our best to serve protect interest of clients all cost ...
  • Russian mushrooms

  • Ecospice

  • Altay Gold Niva

    Stroiteley, Barnaul, Russia,

    grain, flour and different groats from Altai manufacturers-honey.We deliver grain for processing, on realisation: wheat, rye, millet, barley; the flour; croup-rice, buckwheat, pea so on.We want to stress were appreciated in many countries! ...
  • Agrostar

  • Bones Export

  • ASAP


    Discount flowers and gifts delivery to all places in ex-USSR, countries of Eastern Europe. Same day bouquets for any celebration. Real-time customer support satisfaction guarantees, personal approach each order, large service area professional florist ...
  • Urals Regions Ltd

    12 Al. Nevskogo Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg

    SPC Urals Regions Ltd. is a scientific production company which operates more than 12 years in Russian agricultural market of fertilizers.
  • The VIPAKS+ Company

    24, Krasnova street Perm, Permskiy krai

    "Vipaks+" company is a trading which has been specialized in supplying CCTV equipment Russia since 1996. During years of successful operation we managed to obtain leading positions on the security market. At present are promoting via developed ...
  • Pantera Ltd

    Potapova, Petersburg, Russia,195030

  • Eastern Baltic Trade Company


  • IB Vasilyev V.S.

    Egersky, Cheboksary, Chuvashiya, Russia,428000

    The Russian company would like to cooperate.We cultivate and sell grains of vetches fodder (vicia sativa) on conditions FCA (Cheboksary, Russia) or FOB (Sankt-Petersbourg, Russia). I can also offer grass seeds for seeding ...

    5- line, St-Petersburg, Russia,199004

    buy and sell lecithin from 1992, we are one of the most important suppliers of lecithin for Russian confectionary
  • Safado Llc


    SAFADO SPOLKA Z ORGANICZONA ODPOWIEDZIALNOSCIA is a well-established trade organization, with import, export activities, specializing in all food staffs and Agro products, to supply products 27 present member countries of the European Union. Our aim ...

    Other, Russia,

    We are LLC OTTO  based in , Russia. We member since June, 2015. Our business is related toAgriculture industry and we specifically deal buckwheat husk.Please find our product details below: Buckwheat husk. Goodafternoon! My name ...