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  • vuk company

    cingrijina 11a

    birds are bred in Serbiaenrich your living spaceenrich your life
  • Pressarium

    Other, Serbia,

    Pressarium is small manufacturer of cold pressed oils. We have widerange products gain from different kind seeds. Sedds aremostly grown locally, some are organic.We produce : Sunflower oil, Pumpkin, Sessame, FLaxseed oil,Poppyseed Wallnut, Peanut, ...
  • VlaSteMaris LTD

    Ovcanski put 7m

    We are from company Serbia, Serbian products to sell frozen vegetables, canned fruits and vegetables other confectionery products, we close associates of many food producers, thus have the best prices in country, do export Serbia if you interested Serbia. ...
  • Kapija Golije Doo


    oyster mushroom, dried, fresh and ***** 5000kg fresh or 500kg dried per ***** food produced in Biosphere Reserve Golija Studenica
  • monus doo

    tvornicka, belegrad, new belegrad, Serbia,

    Monus Tobacco Industry is a renowned manufacturer of "Fast" cigarettes, the product which has become synonym for Serbian first-class " brand name". Fast combination vision and Company\'s management youth energy, together with ...
  • Agro-firm d.o.o.

    Other, Serbia,

    The company Agro - firm doo was created in 1999 . It is located inPozarevac near Belgrade. Our engaged retailpetroleum, restaurants and trade of agricultural products Ourstrength are our employees We open for cooperation with newpartners we will be happy to ...
  • West inWest Consult Ltd.

    Matije Korvina 15



    IGO COMMERCE d.o.o. is a company specialized in dried fruits export from Serbia, we are offering premium quality dried fruit. Our main markets are EU and former soviet republic countries
  • Jonel M

    1. maj

  • Panelizopak

    Kralja Petra I 143 Bukovac, Serbia

    Dear Mr. I can offer to you charcoal at best price. If are interested please send me specification of what kind product need and amount that so give the posible price.Best Regards,Sanja DulicPanelizopak Novi SadSerbia Tel:+381644658588 ...
  • Agromercator DOO

    Dr. Janka Gombara 54, Serbia, Other, Serbia,21211

  • Ecoprom

    Vojvodjanska 45, Sombor, Serbia,25000

    Ecoprom is trading house for grains and fodder raw materials mainly oriented to export import when needed. Doing business with partners from Italy, Greece, all former republics of Yugoslavia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, want spread busiess on north ...

    Trg Slobode 3

    Manufacturer of crude oils and oil cakes (soybean, sunflower, rapeseed).Trading with corn, wheat, sunflower, soybean,soybean meal, sugar beet pulp pellets, wheat bran. Established in 1995.
  • Vidra Sport


    Vidra Sport is a private company based in Kragujevac. Our main activity production and distribution of fishing equipment accessories designed to end-customers, distributors manufacturers. We were established 15 years ago as family business, we crossed ...

    Kneginje Ljubice 11, Belgrade, Other, Serbia,

    trade company, trading in fresh fruits and vegetablesIT bussines - digital signage, software and hardware
  • arex marzipan

    njegoseva 77

  • Metro VP

    Samjuela Beketa 30

  • Cacao D.O.O. Ltd

    Milana Glumca 3 Novi Sad, Srbija

    Cacao d.o.o. is trading company based in Serbia which would like to offer fine quality ECUADORIAN (Arriba) - Cocoa Powder natural and alkalized Butter deodorized Liquor Cake Chocolate 75% cocoaAll that ORGANIC.Our cocoa derivatives comes from National ...
  • Gazdinstvo Vinokic

    Other, Serbia,

    With all respect for you and your estimableness associates, wewould like to present us as possible exporter of agriculturalproducts in country. Our agricultural economy is located inFutog, Serbia, we are producing wide spectrum qualityagricultural ...