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    pakrantes g. 11

  • UAB "Saudarba"

    V. Kudirkos str. 3, Liudvinavas

  • Log Home Ltd.

    Sauliu 5

    Log Home Ltd. is a wood-processing and construction company that unites people with long-term experience in the area of wood processing. Our main goal quality customers satisfied our services. We manufacture construct log houses from manufactured logs, ...
  • Bio Lt Group, UAB

    kaimas, Triuseliu, Klaipedos raj., Lithuania,

    "Bio Lt Group" purchases yellow grease (used cooking oil, waste vegetable oil) , sells cheap solid waste vegetable oil in the wholesale market and does vegetable oil conversions for diesel vehicles.
  • JSC Transgruda

    Savanoriu 363-207, Kaunas, Kaunas, Lithuania,49425

        JSC Transgruda is consider as a top company for providing agriculture products in Lithuania and the European countries, now focusing to expand their business different parts of world because increase demand quality which includes wheat, coffee beans ...
  • UAB Heiga

    Kedainiu 8A, Kaunas, Lithuania,47181

  • VvT

    Gedimino Pr Vilnius,

    Your Business Partner....Together we grow....Another World is possible.Another system is coming...
  • Eurorabbits Group

    Paneriu, Vilnius, Lithuania,03201

    Our company Eurorabbits Group We are the first and only in Europe which represents ecological rabbit-breeding as an alternativeEcologicall Mini-farms equipped with electrical heating water nest for winter season. They come also semi-automatic feeders ...
  • GTI Ltd

    Tuju g. 3-56 Vilnius, Lietuva

    cosmetics, perfumes, beauty products.Start work for the new company. Engaged in cosmetics, perfumes and Gorz product sales.
  • UAB "Dariles"

    Pramones 6


    Zirmunu Str. 106

    We are an international import export company, which has been established in year 1996. The main field of practice wholesale trade food and metal products, automotive parts scrap metal, i. e., the before mentioned production to North South Africa, West Asia. ...
  • UablumaRading

    Houston, Texas 77257 Texas, Houston

    We are producers and exporters of UAB LUMAD frozen chicken parts from United state Europe. Total poultry meat output our 5 production sites has reached 404 000 Tons. Poultry export sales operations 15% total amount. Export regions: Germany, Poland, ...
  • BeekeepersFamily

    Baltupio, Vilnius, Lithuania, Lithuania,08323

    Hello, dear customer,  It is my pleasure that you are interested in our products. My name Martynas and I am representing a famous beekeepers family Lithuania, which well known homeland for its pure, raw, unprocessed honey. We sell products Lithuania since ...
  • Sia Aimexx Capital


    we supply birch,pine oak on top class quality in big wolumesworldwide

    S.Moniuskos, Vilnius, Lithuania,

    Hookah Tobaco Acsesories Pipes BongsHelloWe are located in Lithuania.We will soon open hookah store in ***** would like to buy hookah from You. Could I have a hookah prices or get price list.
  • UAB "Dzuku misko eksportas"

    Gardino, Druskininkai, Alytus, Lithuania,66191

    UAB "Dzuku misko eksportas" is  Lithuanian forestry company. We own forests in Eastern, Central and Southern Lithuania. The main timber species are: Pine, Spruce Birch. are also working with Oak, Alder, Aspen other types. Our areas - Forests ...

    Vaizganto, Lithuania, Other, Lithuania,01108

  • Torida

    Gedimino g 15,

    Agrochemical trading company.
  • EcoCompost

    Other, Lithuania,

    Our company is the producer and distributor ofcompost which made exclusively from green waste such as grass,leafs, twigs, hay, thatch etc. Our compost aperfect help for improving poor tilth mixingcompost soils.Compost can be transported bulk in ...
  • Transmodas

    H.Manto 51-2, Klaipeda, Klaipeda, Lithuania,

    JSC "Transmodas" is a Lithuanian trading company. We can offer youFroze berries and fruts.