• Maayan Expo

    710 N. Croft Av. #6 Los Angeles,

    We are amended to manufacture of grains who reliable suppliers with great prices. Please provide your LOI including target price, terms pay, (bank info will help) so we can issue the FCO,Looking forward doing business you. ...
  • Jga Sigma Intl.Group

    146 S.San Fernando Blvd Los Angeles, California

    Dear Marketing Manager/Purchasing DirectorWe are pleased to introduce you about our chemical marketing company. we have been for the domestic and International markets,we invite all check website chemicals market. We welcome Inquires any specific ...
  • Langford Global Services

    425 N. Union St Ithaca, Michigan

    Dear Sir or Madam,Langford Global Services is a world wide seller of various goods in agriculture and energy related products. We are pleased to serve work the international community. This company was established 2005, always willing go extra mile for its ...
  • Baba Lal Investment Inc

    6102 bissonnet st ste b houston, tx

    i am interested to buy the stuff and sell as a middle man to make some money like fertilizer or cellular phone refurbashed or used one
  • East Africa Trading Co. USA

    9486 Teakwood Lane North Minneapolis, MN

    We are looking to buy especially raw cashews, macadamia nuts, vanilla bean, coffee varieties, all in multiple container quantities.We have available for sale neem oil, AZA techincal, and cake large quantities. ...
  • Cristali Trading Company

    335 S. New Ave. #C Monterey Park, CA

    Cristali Trading Company is the premier stop for buyers and sellers in industry looking concrete connections your products. For buyers, our organization has contacts REBCO, D2, JP54, M100, CST 180. We also have solid UREA from Ukraine Russia. seller, ...
  • Bear Logistics L.L.C.

    3605 Sandy Plains Road suite 240-461 Marietta, Georgia

    We can supply the following products: crude oil, D2, petroleum, and jet fuel"jp54". additionally we have available steel copper products such as coils, i-beams, fittings. Agriculture is one of our specialties. if you a need for rice, sugar , grain ...
  • Herman & Wilbert's Tinkershop, Inc.

    7534 Teal Run Dr Houston, TX

    Herman & Wilbert\'s Tinkershop, Inc. are product development manufacturers of inventions that we bring to the market. We are a one stop shop for inventors from patent to product.
  • Aljure Inc

    12275 Carmel Vista Rd # 231 San Diego, CA

    Interested in selling products to the US and South America, please let me know what are your productsSell products to Europe.Asia and North America
  • Terakki LLC.

    16851 N.E. 35th Avenue #25 North Miami Beach, Florida

    We are US Based company whic specializes on fertilizers.Our main products to provide Ammonium NitrateUreaNPK 16-16-16 (MOP)NPK 22-11-11 (MOP)Ammonium SulphateMAP / DAPSulphurIf you interested in,please do not hesitate contact us.Best ...
  • AYN Builders Inc.

    308 Lawson Ave W Saint Paul, Minnesota

    Local Builder specializing in Additions of all kind, 3 and 4 season, simple room or full addition to any area of the house and interier remodeling of all living area\'s
  • Djb

    K20/119 kamakotti flats,rameshwaram road Chennai, Tamilnadu

    Djb exporters ,we export only good products and worth product. We export all kind of indian products
  • Environmental Resources

    2903 NE 109th Avenue #D Vancouver, WA

    We are an alternative fuel company that buys and sells a number of compounds, chemicals and materials.
  • Houtan Mostaghim

    13876 Park Center Road Herndon, Va

    We are importers and exporters of leather garments in the USA. also work on buying selling stock-lots, inventory closeouts, purchase order cancelations all sorts, which we offer to our customers international level. ...
  • RcX,,LLC

    8815 Conroy-Windermere Rd. #357 Orlando, FL

    www.RCHEMXPRESS.com We are a North American based Importer\'s of Research Chemicals fromacross the world. Our goal is to supply you with Top Quality Chemicalsfor all your Laboratory and needs. here help if require any other Chemical that wedo not stock. Just ...
  • L&K Globe Inc Co.

    Town of Lancaster Lancaster, NY

    Our Company is established in 2000 year. We have offices Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Dubai and Virgin Islands. company official partner of several government organization Big oil fertilizers producers. In line with our corporate statement “Looking for ...
  • JAG International

    PO Box 465382 Lawrenceville, GA

    I am in the business to sell mainly urea and rice. I look for to doing business with all serious buyers
  • For Mutual Advantage, Inc.

    24100 El Toro Road, #D-159 Laguna Hills, Calif.

    We are exporters of various items including, but not limitedto, the folloing:Fresh fruits & veges organic conventional, seeds, agrochemicals, fertilizers, nutritional supplements, processed foods, etc.We actively engaged in Commodity Tradeas an ...
  • 1st American Import & Export Cor

    12018 High Star Drive Houston, Texas

    buying urea N 46, block making machine, cables,scrap metals, used rails, fertilizers, serious seller only
  • Sigma One Corporation

    10169 New Hampshire Ave., #106 Silver Spring, Maryland

    We are a broker with contacts for Urea, gold, diamonds, petroleum products, but can source anything you need.