• AmigoBusinessCentre

    Rodenbach Den Haag,

    We are company specialise at import and export. As you know prices fluctuate daily, depended upon many variable factors. believes in being dynamic flexible operation. This makes it possible to serve our customers better faster. But we cannot give quotes ...
  • Ferm-O-Feed B.V.

    Hermalen 7 Schijndel, Noord Brabant

    Ferm-O-Feed is a specialist of organic fertilizer production and also the biggest manufacturer in Netherlands, with history over 20 years. FOF has invested modern equipment, technology, professional team, order to offer high quality easy-to-use ...
  • Wais Import & Export

    Trappistenstraat 23 Dongen,

    Hi,I am seeking recent models of cell phones. They should be authentic. There also some other products that I am interested at but take a look in buying categories.I can also provide you with products from europe.
  • Moennoe Trade

    Marga Klompestraat 29 The Haque, Zuid Holland

    Trading company holding no stocks.Working for manufacturing company\'s. fertilizers \'sugarOlive oilHoneyEstablished since 2013.
  • Uis

    charloisse hoofd 55 rotterdam,

    buyer of urea for export diary distriutiion for people olive/industrial oil and butter margarines
  • Falkon Trading Ltd

    Heulmeubelen 1003 Amsterdam,

    Our company is one of the international chemical raw material supplier since 1980 which located in Amsterdam. We can regularly supply sodium lignosulphonate ultra fine powder from Russia Federation under very competitive conditions. ...
  • Supplier of the Urea

    Geerboogerd 8 Delft, Zuid-Holland

    Urea 46%Filling or sprinkle, if desired.Number - the minimum supply 600,000 Maximum is not limited.Terms of delivery - CIF.Terms of payment - LC.Price is determined by the order quantity and the port of delivery.
  • Mobilbuyertradde Int

    roma 22 italy roma 22 italy, roma 22 italy

    We are into buying lots ofProducts, Machines, chemicals and Equipments etc around the worldand we distribute the goods to our various clients and companiesin request of the products. We stand as a major buying office.
  • Ferm O Feed

    Hermalen 7 Schijndel,

    The fertilizers are produced in a modern factory where the production process iscomputer controlled. Raw materials, which can be of animal, vegetable or mineralorigin, subject to stringent quality control. Ferm-O-Feed also has ...

    Hekellaan 38 's-Hertogenbosch,

    Tocelo Chemicals one of the world\'s leading suppliers of pharmaceutical and veterinary raw materials.
  • Gulden Int. Business

    Belder 6 Roosendaal, Nord-Brabant

    We are Mitchell Int. Holding company, owner of several companies and involved in trading transport.It is therefore I approach you to see if we can business together as strong the market – worldwideMitchell Int growing international since 2003. Our ...
  • Merab-Geo

    spiegelstraat 62 Rotterdam,

    We are Dutch trading company. Doing business in Fuel, Cement, Food & oil, Urea 46%. our business is worldwide and we are hard working company.

    Pasteurweg 3 Coevorden,

    We are a small company in Holland and specialized in producing items for poultry and petkeeping and most important item is our range of incubators for poultry for up to 5000 eggs.
  • CPH Specialties BV

    Hettenheuvelweg 8 Amsterdam, Noord - Holland

    CPH is your partner phramaceutical raw materials and specialty chemicals. We have a strong network of offices in Eastern Europe we work the rest world via ouf head office Amsterdam. represent lot different manufacturers from all over just started new project ...
  • JTA Business Consultancy

    Smalle Haven 41 Eindhoven, Brabant

    JTA mediates between demand and supply, specialized in Commodities, Business events and Business Development
  • Int.Trading

    ranonkelst 3 Rotterdam, Z.Holland

    Inter.Trade/Tender consultant/ representing many company"s for tenders/trade advicer/ consultant.