• Ekonomines Pletros Namai

    Naugarduko 15 Vilnius, Vilnius

    We are an official representative of the NPK fertilizers factory and biggest strongest milk processing enterprises in Lithuania only canned producer countries Baltic region.The technologies utilized company ensure high quality products, which meets ...
  • Litvada

    Zalakeviciaus 14 Vilnius,

    100% Eco-fertilizer for Progressive Farming.Can be supplied into big Can or small bottles . Also we can offer the product with Gibberellic acid.
  • NP Biogroup Ltd

    Nemuno g 28 Kaunas, Lithuania

    Producing and sell liquid, powder, granulated organic, organic/mineral fertilizer. Digging natural raw, peat, glauconite, coelite, green sand, sapropel, vermicompos, compost , growing media soil conditioner by your requirements. Can organize ...
  • UAB

    Sedulinos g. 18-53, LT31122 Lithuania, Visaginas, Visaginas, LT31122

    We are a company which producing the best quality NPK fertilizers. We have a competitive price. We also serve for making the NPK fertilizer with the quality on demand.