• CARETTA Consult

    Cs. Exilu 473/17 Ostrava, rene.pelanek@seznam.cz

    The company has been producing permanent magnets since 1957. Nowadays the MAGNETY CZ manufactures a scale of magnetic hard materials and NdFeB also , in compliance with market requirements, prepares new materials, as well.Company certified under ISO 9000, ...
  • Enym

    Coltovo Coltovo, SK

    Company is trade in comodities : Mazut M100, D2, Used rails or fertilized Urea. Businnes or Europen market.
  • Merking Trade International Ltd.

    Bavlnarska Semily, Czech

    We are a trading company established more than 40 years ago. direct seller or mandate for the following commodities: Cement, Urea, Sugar, Edible Oils, Czech Beer, Biosolve.We can also find most of other commodities you if need any.You try our services by ...
  • Renfork

    Hybernska 1009/24 Prague, Czech Republic

    Renfork is a worldwide trading company in commodities. We offer petroleum products (Diesel gas oil, JP54, Mazut, Marine Bunker fuel, Bitumen, REBCO Oil, HSD2 Gas and others), Urea, CDRO, Sunflower Rapeseed Oil other Edible oils, Sugar, etc.Over the years of ...
  • Taronga Ltd

    58 Sopecna str. Karlovy Vary, Karlovarský

    During this period the company was generally involved in distributing ferrous metals from metallurgical plants maily to Far and Near East, also a number of countries Eastern Europe North Africa. From 2001 on began exporting Bulgarian market, expanding ...
  • Bisset Ltd.

    Skretova 745/18, 301 00 Plzen, Czech Republic Plzen, Czech Republic

    company Bisset, Ltd. was established in order to produce ecological biofuels the form of pellets or briquettes (as renewable energy resources) and granules as bedding for animals.Our can be divided three main branches:Produce energetic targeted burning, ...
  • Plasticandpvc

    Pavlovova 27 Ostrava,

    We are a Czech purchase-sales company with broad commodities selection around the world.Our has been operating on market lot of years and we have much experience do business companies world.We offer PVC, plastics PET. ...
  • Independent Trade Agent

    Travcice,40 Litomerice, Czech Republic

    Dear,SirWe are an Independent Trade Agent,our office located in Czech Republic,we able to sell and buy the follwing products:Fertilizer,Sugar Icumsa45,Cement portland 42.5,Used rails,HMS1,2,Milk Powder(Full cream Skimmed),JP54,D2,Chemical ...
  • Vita Tri

    Nad Stolou Prague ,

    We can offer of supplier urea.Also we specialize in commercial property of Prague.We can offer effective investment projects with buying and reconstruction of historical buildings in Prague.