• Nord Agri Trade Ltd.

    Firsa Sadovnikova 39 Riga, Riga

    Nord Agri Trade is trade company that represents peat, sapropel, organic fertilizer manufacturers in Latvia .We sell peat moss, sapropel, organic fertilizers
  • SIA ?HuminVit?

    Akmeņu iela 47 Ogre, Ogres novads

    We would like to offer our product - HIGH QUALITY SAPROPEL as it is fertilizer of NEW GENERATION.Sapropel fertilizers possess several advantages when compared with other fertilizers:in comparison peat, contains a considerably higher quantity organic ...
  • M-Zelts Ltd.

    139 Lubanas Str. Riga,

    Our company M-Zelts is manufacturer of unique organic fertilizerWealth Earth. The main component our product sapropel extracted from ecologically pure freshwater lakes. Patented technology processing Wealth Earth ensures the preservation all ...
  • Nord Group Ltd

    Caka 33 Riga, Latvia

    "NORD GROUP Ltd" offers high quality Sapropel (Natural Fertilizer), which is several times cheaper than traditional organic fertilizers, and what more important - has balanced various mineral elements composition industrial ones. We have all ...
  • Oval Management

    Ciekurkalna 1.linija. 33 Riga,

    We are Biohumus producers and distributors from Latvia. produce �� naturally pure organic microbiological fertilizer ��manure biological waste product produced by earthworms Eisenia Fetida. Product contains all the necessary set of macro micro ...
  • director

    Gimnazijus, 4 Daugavpils, Latvia

    Our company delivery wood chips, wood and sunflow pellets, sulphur lumps and granulated, urea 43 %, D-2, M-100
  • IRSI Development Ltd.

    Bruninieku 139a Riga,

    We buy cement 42.5 R, 42.5 N, 52.5 r and NTotal amount - up to 150 000 tonns per annumDelivery - basicly to the port of Riga, Latvia by 12 500 mt - 25 000 mt per monthPayment term: Documentary letter of credit
  • Global Chemical Traders

    Jerikas Jela street Riga, Latvia

    Global Chemical Traders SIA is delighted to introduce itself as the exclusive distributor of factory Azoty Witebsk.Under management one leaders on fertilizer\'s market in Belarus - www.azotyvitebsk.byWe offer a wide range Urea 46 fulfill requirements our ...