• Biosphera Sp. z oo

    Raczynskiego 1/25, Swarzedz, Poland,62-020



    We are a company that has corn mill and is interested in buying consumption type FLINT, with properties such as: age: up to 1 year of harvest gravity: Minimum 0.75 t / m ^ 3 Humidity: 14% natural drying or maxsuszenie 110 degrees Celsius broken grains 3% fat content ...
  • F.H. RATOS-NATURA S.C.R.Z.S.Zdzieblo

    Olszownica 75, Backowice, Poland,27-552

    The beginnings of our family enterprise date back to 1989 when we chenged proffesion from beekeeping honey trading. From the very start have been purveyors and confectioners highest quality obtained in some most ecologically pristine parts Poland only ...
  • LECH-NET *****

    Szlak, Krakow, Poland, Poland,31-153

    Export and import - grain( maize, wheat, barley, ) suplements for feeding stuff, flax seed, mustard, fruits, vegetables, grocerries (flour, oil, potato flakes, walnuts) buildings materials.We also have siberian larch timber(our latest product) Pacific ...
  • biuro handlowe

    kosciuszki 9, plock, mazowieckie, Poland,09-402

    we are supplier of palm oil and fractioners for biodiesel producing. prices from 400$ per metric tonn.Alternative product for a good price. call us to get more details and specifications.
  • Trend sp. z o.o.

    Iglatowskiego, Lublin, lubelskie, Poland,20815

    Our company trade on European market rapeseed oil for fuel production. We buy rapeseed oil from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and sell it to European partners company.
  • HaGe Polska Spolka z o o

    A.Schmidta 1, Zoledowo/Osielsko, Kujawskopomorskie, Poland,86-031Osielsko

    Agriculture comodities ( grain) trader, Provide farm supply of fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, seeds and diesel
  • P.P.H.U. KAMPOL Krzysztof Luzniak


    As a family-owned company was founded 29 February 1988. The core business the wholesale trade of agri-food products. After years huge dose experience in March 2000 arises Manufacturing and Service Company called KAMPOL. company, together with entire ...
  • Roman Tereszkiewicz

    Romanowka 52, Siemiatycze, Bialystok, Poland,17-300

    Raw rape oil from Ukraina, crop 2006delivery from june,contact and contract from now.Quantity: 10-12.000 MT DAF or FOB Black Sae
  • Company FH RICHARD

    os Sportowe 13/1, kRAKOW, MALPOPSKA, Poland,

    was founded in 1993. Headquarters in Krakow. Poland.