• Michelucci Mangimi xxxxx

    Via Ponte Nuovo 17, Montelupo F.no, Firenze Italia, Italy,50053

    Since 1963 Michelucci Mangimi has been continually producing animal and pet foods improving its know-how in food production.The familiy a long remarkable heritage with roots dating back to the beginning of XVIII century when they established flour ...
  • Ametra S.p.A.

    Piazza San Babila 5, Milan, Italy,20122

    Long established specialized cotton seeds trader worldwide.Originate from West Africa, Brazil, Greece, *****, East U.S., Syria, Australia.Sell to Spain, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Korea, China, Japan, Mexico.Min 20 tons per shipment (in ...

    Via Paolo Vi, 14, Romano di Lombardia (Bg), ITALY, Italy,24058

    We are an italian company that produces and marketizes funeral products (handles, crosses, screws) made in zink alloy and solid brass. We work for the main distributors of these products in Italy
  • Smeraldo

    Alcevsk, Alcevsk, Alcevsk, Italy,

    LTD Smeraldo specializes on international trade - import export of raw materials and semi-finished products. In particular, we work with the markets Russia Italy. Our purpose consists in satisfaction needs our clients, as implementation special orders. ...
  • SOMOTA s.r.l.

    via melo 243, Bari, Other, Italy,70125

    Since our inception in 2007, we have been export, import and distributing a very wide range of products focusing on high quality items for Resellers, Trades-People, Government, Industry the motivated Individual seeking something special. We can buy all ...
  • Bazar Drivein

    via Gioberti,45, TURIN, TURIN, Italy,

  • Finaflex Srl

    via turati 15, Castiglione Olona, varese, Italy,21043

    We have Patented Productsa plastic corrugated pipe called Plastiroll, suitable for many uses,ventilation, chemical, irrigation, electrical.it stay in position, autoextinguishing, it has variable diameter and lenghtwe also produce Conductive (ESD ...
  • Eco Resources Italy

    Via Carrara, genova, Other, Italy,16140

    We represent Ukraine companies exporting in european market.Our focus are on the following products:- Sunflower oil (crude & refined) (Ukraine)- Corn Sugar ICUMSA45 (Brazil)- ICUMSA 800/1200- Wheat- Corn- Barley- Urea 46 (Fertilizer) ...
  • General Line srl

    Piazza Carducci 3/6, Bologna, Italy, Italy,40125

  • Faipa Cosmetics

    Via Vaccareccia, Rome, Italy,

    Faipa Cosmetics is a dynamic manufacturing company of hair products, both for professional and retail.Our main purpose taking care respect hair, this reason we produce free ammonia color with aloe vera, keratin, wheat germ oil.From shampoos to ...


    We are an italian company that exports typical food alla over the world. We deal with pasta, cheese, tomato sauce etc. think we can serve finest tastes of world and woulg be happy to make people know goodness high quality food. ...
  • Akony Kori Co Ltd

    Olwol Rd, Lira, uganda, Italy,Box 329

    Akony Kori is situated in Lira, norther part of Uganda. It processes sunflower seeds into edible oil and sells them on the Uganda market. The by product used for rearing commercial chicks. company interested buying container mnaking machine packing cooking ...
  • jurwick property

    isonzo, latina, italy, Italy,04100

    direct seller wheat - maize- we sell also urea and other fertilizer.our products are best quality and have good price. our procedures are very speed.JURWICK PROPERTY LLCVIA OMBRONE 4LATINA (ITALY)CEO MR. VIRGILIO
  • Sutter Industries S.p.A.


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  • soup kitchen

    o yetw, Kingston, Italy,

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  • A.P.M. Sistemi S.r.l.

    Via del Lavoro 18, Cassano Magnago, Italy, Italy,21012

    We are office buyer and seller agent for import-export of every goods industries need. We charge a commission between 2/5 %No any commercial research. Mail to us request; Your satisfaction is our connection. ...
  • MMG Consulting

    Via Lesa 5, MI, Other, Italy,20125

    MMG Consulting LLC - Established to provide international commercial and development company, service related to marking, product sources, contractual consultancies and general start up procedures.
  • Molino Casillo SpA

    ZI SantElia, Corato, Italy,70033

    Leader in trading of durum wheat and in production of high quality durum wheat semolina and flour for Pasta, bread, pizza and any other use in food industry.