• Texturar S.A.

    Ruta Nac 34 s/n, Metan, Salta, Argentina,4440

    Leaders in Technology and Agribusiness developments applied to the production of healthy food, Molino Panamericano Inc. Texturar Inc., both agro-industrial companies located Argentina produce its own facilities wheat flour by-products; soybean oil, ...
  • AgriArg S.A.

    J.B. Justo St., Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina,7600

    We put our Alfalfa Hay Bales sizes 35cm x 45cm 90cm in an hydraulic press and becomes 38cm. We reduce the size maintain same weight of 25 kg. Before leaving , we placed 3 strap can load 900 alfalfa hay bales kg each 40"HQ container. (22.500 kg.)Two hours after ...
  • calvoline

    cordoba 1147, rosario, santa fe, Argentina,2000

    ***** S.A., a trading Argentinian company dedicated to the export of foods, oils, all kind cereals (like wheat and more) car parts, irons steels.We have experience in international trade logistics, we are able offer excellent quality products competitives ...
  • Melqart SA

    Zabala 2417, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina,C1426DQS

    Founded in 1998, Melqart SA is specialized in export of agricultural products as Sunflower Seeds, Cereals and Wheat.
  • agro vulcan

    paraguay, 1114, Other, Argentina,1057

    we are agriculture producers, we produce linen, birdseed, sunflower, peas, mustar seed, coriander popcorn, sesame, colsa, barley, sorghum etc.Our seed of very good quality, our plantations on the south and east buenos aires land. ...
  • Scorziello y Galella

    Other, Argentina,

    Scorziello y Galella (SyG) is family a owned, agribusiness companythat has been in business since 1976. The company located theSouth East of Buenos Aires State, Argentina. islocated near Quequen Port and can ship from that port, RosarioPort. Additionally, ...
  • MS & Asoc

    Maipu 2625, Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina,5800

    We are traders in local areas and int\'l. Instead we\'ve got some consulting about futures an options estrategies
  • Naiman S.A

    Hernandarias y J. Ubach y Roca, Parana, Entre Rios, Argentina,3100

    NAIMAN is a company developing itself constantly. Offering quality products at competitive prices our premise.Established in 1994, NAIMAN family-owned which operates from its head office and warehouse Paran, Entre Rios, Argentina.The had started as ...
  • Argentina Factory

    10 N 3860, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina,1897

    Purchasing selling of product international quality with the lowest commission on price FOB (2%). Prices CIF AWSP.LOI: Letter IntentICPO: Inrrevocable Corporate Purchase OrderBCL: Bank Comfort LetterPROCEDURE PROTOCOL:1) Seller issues and sends a FCO ...

    Gral Roca 430, R. de Escalada - Buenos Aires, R. de Escalada, Buenos Aires, Argentina,1826

    Dear Sir / Madam,We\'re willing to let you know that we can offer the following goods or service:1. Soybeans,2. Soy bean Oil,3. Feed Barley,4. Corn,5. Milks,6. Skimmed Milk,7. Fish Flour,8. Wheat,9. Wheat Flour,10. Sunflower OIL,11. Sunflower,12. Olive ...
  • AP Seeds

    chacabuco, 2485, Other, Argentina,

    I represent an Argentine Seeds Company that is rapidly growing in our domestic market. We have recently developed a great forage sorghum seed and it intention to market abroad. Therefore, we are surveying global markets the search for potential buyers of this ...
  • M.M.A. Group


    We are an import-export company located in Spain with offices in South American.We deal with agricultural products
  • Protones Group

    La Rioja, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina,1214

    Protoners Group is a seller mandates and broker company how work with several Products all over the world, we offer to international market Sugar, Refined Oil, Scrap, among other products of an excellent quality.We will not quote or supply price list for ...
  • Corp. Intl. Chia SA

    Suipacha, Cap Fed, Cap Fed, Argentina,c1008aaj

  • GOMEZ & ALBERTO Real Estate Business and International Trade.

    San Martin 1518, Villaguay, Entre Rios, Argentina,3240

    Disponemos para Exportar Azucar, Soya, Cemento, Combustibles en Grandes Cantidades. Excelentes Precios.