• Elhani Co.,

    1 wadi majeed, Benghazi, Libya,

    Libyan shareholders company, main office in Benghazi city,activating in import & export of food stuff and agriculture products, intending to invest in processing & packaging of agriculture products.
  • Libyan Business man

    Qaser Ahmed, Mistatah, Misratah, Libya,51

    We are the agent of huge and relaible Libyan importors for these commidities:- Yellow Corn grade 2 for animal consumption (USA or other origin)- Barely (for animal consumption)- Ukrainian 42.5 portland cement- Sugar
  • Sanable Elkhair

    bukharey streat, benghazi, libya benghazi, Libya,00161-4000

    Our objective is our customers objective, quality & c ost company in Libya which has an amazing natural fertility the land for various vegetables will boost location of on map middle world between africa and europe decrease cost transportation.So these to ...
  • agricultural bank

    algeran, tripoli, janzour, Libya,1100

    we are a financial service organaisation support by LIBYAN government, we provide loans to farmers sector and some advice from our expertise.we import lots of things over seas as fertilizer, feed barley, electric pomps, many more.At this time interested 2, ...
  • Alhorya co.


    We are Alhorya company from Libya.We sell and export all plants, flowers seeds.ex: go to my web site xxxxxproducing, Which insures you that will get good products with the best quality competitive prices.For more information about any other product, do not ...