• Smartsea

    cuzco 318 piura, piura/piura

    we are a Peruvian company dedicated to the process and exports of frozen seafood.We have the experience to manage the best quality controls, export logistic and sales service.
  • HR Peru SAC

    Calle Brasil J112 Garibaldi ILO ILO, Moquegua

    We are an enterprise located in Peru. Our specialities to sale our products like fish, wood, Coffee, Minerals, agriculture and lands industry real state.We need, cars, Tracto Trucks, machinery for construction. ...
  • Candela Peru

    Parque Industrial Mz.F Lote 9 Calle Forjadores cuadra 3, Villa El Salvador Lima, Lima

    Since over 20 years we have been in the eco and fair Brazil Nuts Industry. Beside that produce oils from these nuts, Sacha Inchi seeds (88% omega?s), Passion Fruit Seeds, Golden berry seeds, Acai berry, Coconut, Coffee Bean, Buriti Ungurahua nut. Next to ...
  • Sea Q Pro SAC

    Independencia 455 2do Piso Of. 204 Brena, Lima

    Dear Mr/ Mrs/Ms;Our Peruvian company Sea Q Pro SAC processes giant squid (Dosidicus gigas) into high quality fresh frozen and pre-cooked fillets, wings tentacles.We have put in place a very versatile logistics system source from all along the coast; so we do ...
  • Serfrex Sa

    manzana 216 lote # 3 Piura, Peru

    Attached find data info and squid photos.SQUID DATA: LOLIGO GAHI FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION PRODUCT OF PERU AS FOLLOWS:1) Length weight10/15 18 pieces x Kg 54 grams per piece average.15/20 10 105 average. 20/25 07 159 average.25/30 06 201 average.2) Season media ...
  • Ocean Foods Peru S.A.C.

    Av Luis Montero H占쏙옙占쏙옙占쏙옙占쏙옙占쏙옙占쏙옙��������옙Dpto 404 Urb. Miraflores Peru, Peru

    We are born with the concept and illusion of innovation to bring your table fresh frozen products purely our ocean Peruvian It also offers a range seafood in different forms which is handled due care, applying international standards (HACCP)We have available ...
  • Aquarium Del Peru SAC - Mar Fresco Peru

    Av. Sucre N�549 Oficina 501 Magdalena del Mar - Lima, Peru

    We are a company engaged in exporting, marketing and distribution of fresh frozen seafood, which have the most stringent standards quality required nationally internationally. offer products to market today commonly traded our country, such as shrimp, ...
  • M&R broker de negocios sa

    mercurio h - 2 lima, lima

    we are a company who buy and sell frozen products in Peru, now we are looking for a good supplier to tilapia fillets.
  • Nicolperusac

    paita Perú paita, puerto paita

    Empresa peruano comercializa productos marinos jumbo squid roe calamar docidicus giga,calamar jibia merluza mayo mahi mahi reproductores otro. contacto
  • Illari Sac


    Dear Sirs,We are Illari SAC founded in 1999, a Peruvian fishery with processing plant located Talara (at 1250km north of Lima) front the main fishing area, that give us great advantage over others plants because guarantee capture product freshness which ...
  • Peru Freeze Dried

    Calle Juan L. Miller 227, Urb. La Chalaca Callao, Callao

    Freeze Dried Company with a staff of employees with more than 30 years of experience in this industry.We specialized in Organic Banana
  • Exportadora CETUS S.A.C.

    Av. Los Diamantes Mz C Lot.17 Zona Industrial II Etapa PAITA, PIURA

    Exportadora CETUS SAC - PERU . Since January 16th of 2007, dedicated to the production and marketing hydro biological products; pre-cooked frozen, providing a quality service at opportune time.Our plant is modern it implemented with next-generation ...
  • Alimentos Congelados Sac

    jr mirave 331 ilo, Ilo

    ALIMENTOS CONGELADOS S.A.C., producer exporter, our company is located South of Peru, in Ilo port, mi name Geovana Pizarro, Sales Executive Commercial area, this opportunity i would like to mention the products we offer:1. Giant Squid (Dosidicus ...
  • Rod White Export Agent

    Urb. Los Alamos, Mz. E Lt. 3 Arequipa, Arequipa, Peru

    Export Agent for Peru. Exporting vegetables, fruits, food coloring and other natural Peruvian products.
  • not sca

    san miguel 221 lima, PERU

    La pesca se define como aquella actividad que realiza para extraer pescado y/o otros organismos acuticos. Puede realizarse en aguas continentales o martimas. Ancestralmente, la ha consistido una de las actividades econmicas ms tempranas muchos pueblos del ...
  • Inversiones Prisco S.A.C.

    Carretera a Paracas km 16 Pisco, Pisco

    We are a Peruvian company, part of the Corporation E.Wong SA Fisheries Division, specializing in producing quality food and highly nutritious, frozen, canned fish shellfish, anchovies, dry salted meal quality. ...
  • Hamilogex

    Urbanizacion Miraflores Piura (Pasando Tottus) Piura, Piura

    ear SirsGood afternoon, I have orders from local customers (Peru) interested in exporting their products as Squid / Giant Anchovy Hake Jack mackerel /Daruma Fishmeal - giandmeal, among others, including coffee export and other agro productsAny comments can ...
  • Sacha Tika

    San Isidro, Lima Lima, Lima

    we are a company found in Perú. since 2012 we are selling into national market.we want export this 2015
  • Pacif Fish and Seafood SAC

    Almirante Lord Nelson, 615 Lima, Lima

    We are exporter of frozen fish: Gayi hake, mahi mahi, smelt, etc.And seafood: Loligo squid, scallops, giant squid.Welcome inquiries.
  • Pesqueria Producto Del Kope Eirl.

    Alfonso Ugarte 248 Matarani Port Islay, Arequipa

    Located in Southern Peru on the dock "El Faro" Islay - Arequipa, we capture, process and export premium quality seafood products to various countries around world. Our factory is located 3 meters from sea whose comparative advantage warrants ...