• Exports West LLC

    1605 Pacific Rim Ct. # B San diego, Ca

    Headquartered in San Diego / Denver. USA and offices throughout Mexico South America, We have very strong established connections worldwide through our many suppliers are able to offer clients USDA beef, Halal Seafood.Please send us your request of the ...
  • Milanero International LLC

    2616 Castro Avenue, Lakeshore Lakeshore, Breden, MS

    Number one US exporter of fresh/ frozen sea foods worldwide.We pride ourselves in supplyig the world with certified Frozen such as Shrimp, chicken, pork, meat etc.Contact us for our expertise, high customer service standards, quick seasoned deliveries and ...
  • Arison Corp.

    2095 Silver Bell Road, #45 Eagan, MN

    Sourcing for long-term suppliers for chicken feet, paw, and variety of seafood for our clients worldwide.
  • Americanseacucumber.Us

    23 Saltmarsh Lane Wareham, MA

    Manufacture of American Sea Cucumber, cumaria frondosa. Products: Dry skins meat removedDry whole Red coral sea cucumber meat
  • TruekeBox S.L.

    1919 Cedaridge Circle Superior, Colorado

    Trueke Box S.L. is a company recently established in Madrid, Spain primarily for the export of various food products to Africa and Asia. The we are currently reselling juices, oils, cookies, tuna, other provided on an on-demand basis. For sales portion ...
  • Trading Exportation De Fruits De Mer

    Avenue Jean Paul 2, Imp Duverger #57 Port au Prince, Haiti

    We Provide the Highest Quality of Fresh, Frozen Dry Sea Food, We harvest for Glass Eels, Conch,Sea Cucumber, Lobster..We work with local Fisher Man for fresh Quality..
  • Aobang Resin (USA) Inc.

    149 Madison Avenue, Suite 1004 NYC, NY

    Aobang Resin (USA) Inc. belongs to Tianjin Co., Ltd. Our products have a good sale all over our country, and received favourable comments.Our US office locates in New York. we will continue spread business culture: Quality is first, honest dependable are ...
  • American Royal Food

    15810 East Gale Ave, #257 Hacienda Height, CA

    American Royal FoodFamily own businessOver 10 years experience in the seafood industryImporter in Los Angeled areaProvide best quality for best price
  • Direct Salmon LLC

    Orange rd Montclair, NJ

    Direct salmon LLC is a supplier of high quality valued added salmon products. Supplying frozen salmon backbones, salmon trimmings, salmon Belly flaps, salmon heads, Fresh and frozen salmon fillets.
  • Aquarium Traders Inc.

    Twin Oaks Valley Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069 San Diego, California

    We are a specialized US company which specializes in the production of high quality Arowana and other Aquatic Aquarium organisms for hobbyist markets. have been breeding since 2005. Resulting from our years efforts made on control, Stock is not only today, but ...
  • Raymond's SEA CUCUMBER

    2084greystone trl orlando, fl

    we are seller\'s of sea cucumers we have ton of sea cucumers our DRIED SEA CUCUMBER come FROM CARRIBIN AREA.
  • ALMIGA Trade, LLC

    2366 NAUTICAL WAY, 206 Winter Park, Florida

    ALMIGA Trade, LLC is an international trading/exporting company, dealing with fresh/frozen meat, poultry, fish and seafood products.
  • Huangfood

    cornwall lane tampa, fl

    HuangFood was co-founded in 2010 by the brother and sister management team of Melisa Huang Steve Huang. Together, they spare no effort providing supplier customer with best service most detailed current information regarding company?s product line.Our ...
  • Vendre

    2620 Industrial Street, Leesburg, FL. Florida ,

    We deal in mainly abalones and plantain flour. Our products are of grade A quality and are from different parts of the world. Just to meet to our customers requierments
  • Amidon Farms

    381 W Main Street Oswayo, PA

    We are a seller of Southern Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Bigeye Tuna and Skipjack Tuna. purchase all tuna live from Fishing Companies, we then raise to desired harvesting weight. harvest store at 60 degrees C in facility until purchased maximum 9 month\'s. ...
  • Agrogen Kutato Inc

    Arlington Arlington, VA

    AGROGEN KUTATO INC specialize in the supply and provision of meat products,dairy products,various kinds if seafood,etc.We are a registered company with the Virginia state Chamber of Commerce.
  • RD Distribution Company

    9353 Bolsa Avenue, Suite L-27 Westminster, California

    We manufacturer in caribean island, we supply dried sea cucumber.DRIED SEA CUCUMBER: L= 7" to 9"(18cm 22cm); Dia. = (5") (14cm); with US. FDA. ApprovedPACKED IN 40LBS BOX WITH PLASTIC BAG LINNING AND SILICAGE PACKED ( MOISTER ABSORBER)Box can ...
  • Tuan Aquatic Exporter

    United state Los Angeles ,

    We are wholesale and retails suppliers of first grade Aquarium Fishes . we supply best quality arowana fishes Freshwater Sting Ray all type/specie. currently have in stock: Golden Crossback, Super Red, green blue, 24k Gold, Red tail golden(RTG), Platinum ...
  • Source Company Ltd

    149 Century Plaza Dr Houston, Texas

    Source company limited is an Agro-Industrial Complex that grows, processes and markets tropical export crops. It operates in the united states of america Central Europe sub-region. a parastatal with current share capital 20 Billion Dollar, its operations ...
  • Triune Enterprises Inc

    409 Madison Street NE Minneapolis, MN

    Triune Enterprises Inc. is a global trading company of food commodities and medical supplies. Our works with large supplier frozen food, meat, seafood specializes in Halal that provided by prime slaughter houses processing plants primarily Europe Brazil. ...