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    Paderewskiego 120

    Company Eastchem Ltd. - Polish supplier of potassium carbonate and sodium tripolyphosphate. We supply high quality K2CO3 min.99,0% STPP Na5P3O10 to well-know European producers glass, crystal tableware, washing powders, dishwashing materials, etc. ...

    Widokowa 28

    Petrolchem Trading Ltd. is a competent partner . We can proudly say that we have acknowledged chemical and petrochemical markets of Russian Federation, former Soviet Union republics, Romania Bulgaria.Petrolchem elasctically adjusts to producers as well ...
  • Boruta Kolor Ltd.

    10 A. Struga Str.

    Established in 1894, main and the oldest Polish manufacturer of organic dyestuffs for textiles (direct, reactive, disperse, acid, acid-chrome, basic, sulphur) , leather (Borunil dyes) fur (Futramins) paper, wood, etc. working until end 1998 as Boruta S. A. ...
  • Plast- Market Ltd.

    Rynek 18

    Leading producer of color masterbatches and additives.We offer also unique solution for recycling market.We're open for new distibution all over the world. Join us!Plast-Market

    Warszawska 42

    "GeNaTa" Acts as a wholesaler of wide range braded household products, cleaning cosmetics ,confectionery We are blessed with major traders different parts the world our customers through years brilliant services. With enterprise policy ...
  • Adam Janowski F.H.U.

    Poprzeczna 24

    Company produce wooden elements, furniture, conventionally and CNC turned milled metal parts construction, as well mediate in sell of apples. The newest branch is plastic recycling including mainly polyolefins PE, PP other materials. As an agent VISTAL ...
  • Permedia SA

    Grenadierow 9 Lublin,

    "Permedia" Chemical Company was established in 1895 with location Poland. We specialize manufacturing and distributing various kinds of pigments different forms for colouring enamels, ceramics, plastics, building materials etc. also ...
  • OK AWO

    Czarnocinska 31 Warsaw,

    we are trade company in Poland - we offer cosmetics cases , accesories , components and many,many more.
  • Euroasiatime Group


    New opportunities with EuroAsiaTime GroupEuroAsiaTime for Business is Central Europe b2b company based in Warsaw, EUrope and Nanjing, China which gives opportunity to find business partners establish cooperation Asia. With Group, from China, Asia can ...
  • TM Sp J

    Poniatowska Pacanow, Pacanow

    Our Company sell: gifts, vase, furniture, wooden furniture, auto parts, ceramic.All made in Poland.We invite to cooperation!
  • Szar S.A.

    Pulaskiego 25

  • Optima Plus Sp. z o.o.

    Szamoty 5

  • Cardinal Pharma SA (JSC)

    gen. J. Sowinskiego 5A

    Cardinal Pharma SA (JSC), based in Lodz, has been specialising the comprehensive service of pharmaceutical companies for over 20 years. We are regarded by our clients as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. Our operations combine professional expertise ...
  • Inter Team


    Inter Team Manufacturing & Trading Company started its operations in 1993 as an supplier of cleaning agents to company. We are from Poland. The company sharp development coupled with the changing market demands have been a contributor behind start-up daily ...


  • Hydrotecc Ang Sp. z o.o.

    Hydrotecc Ang has supplied materials to numerous projects over the years including power stations, water treatment schemes, ports, airfields, highways, bridges and tunnels. Materials are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Scheme CE marked. ...
  • Best Chem Pph

    Inzynierska 32 Sochaczew,

    We are trading company from Poland. We sell branded goods: washing powders, soft drinks, chocolates bars. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact with us.
  • Leocoatings

    Melgiewska 11 / 23

    LeoCoatings is a European company specialising in manufacturing, distribution and sales of full range LeoCoat Water Based Coatings UV for wide variety applications. We manufacture tailor made coating specially to satisfy individual customers needs. ...
  • PPH Standard Sp. z o.o.

    Olszewskiego 10

    PPH "STANDARD" Sp. z o. based in Lublin was found 1990. We specialize trade with raw materials and chemicals different degrees of purity purposes. The company supplies for many industries. A large group product range constitute additives food feed ...
  • Selcem Corporation