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  • Lc4d.Co.Ltd

    mile17buea buea, southwest

    we are long time sellers of all kind of pharmaceutical goods we are looking for a good market on this site.


    We are here to help all those who want invest in Africa general and Cameroon particular.So we sell our know-how can be invite conference you organize concerning African Businness Opportunities.We also able organise your trip arrange meeting with local ...
  • Oxide Ltd

    69 ST road Akwa Litoral douala , Litoral

    Hyaline Oxide product for sale we are offering good quality at a very limited prices, our company is ready to offer new imported first costumers price just introduce it and share product, those who know but, ship worldwide buyers cost contact us more details.. ...
  • Nyimen Petrolium

    Down beach street Limbe Limbe, South west

    SPR Niznekamsk origin 350 MT ready for prompt shipmentBK-1675 Nizhnekamsk 50 shipment,SKI 3 shipment,PBR ND originready shipment,ASBESTOS A-6-45 SBR 1705 1502 SKI 3S Sterlitamak in pallets, total qty availableSPR C9 origin.Any many other products ...
  • Pald Chemical Export

    Douala 25th Akwa Avenue Douala, Littoral/Douala

    Pald Export is a Sion-Germany joint venture specializing in environmental mechanism, chemical machinery, medical equipment, food machinery , such as industrial dust cleaner, centrifuge and stretcher. We have established our factory control the entire ...
  • Liquid Ventures, Llg

    avaenue de gaulle Douala , littoral

    Pure Silver Liquid Mercury1. Mercury purity 99.999%2. MOQ is 34KG3. Packing flask in wooden case4. Prompt shippment competitive price.Specifications:- = 99.999%.- Free from heavy metals- Physical State: Liquid- Appearance: Silver- Odor: Odorless- pH: ...
  • Ssd SOLUTION45

    long street Buea, south west

    WE CLEAN BLACK MONEY,sell of ssd solution activation powder,WE ALSO SELL AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS LIKE Beef Tallow,Natural Sheep Intestine,Pig Head & Pig Ears,Beef Tallow for Making Soap,Peanut Kernel.Dried Mushroom,Green Lentils,Frozen Straw ...
  • Hagger Top Chemical Ltd

    rue sale de fete akwa douala, littoral

    We are manufacturer and seller of all sort chemicals which includes S.S.D SOLUTION, SUPER AUTOMATIC VECTROL PASTE TEBI-MANETIC ACTIVATION POWDER ETC. have different types that can perfectly clean out your deface currency/black/stacked dirty currency or ...
  • Imma.Inc

    Naicom street 4 up station Douala, Littoral

    We are best chemical and potential supplying company.We offer the product so far our prices moderate comparably.We ship directly worldwide. Please we advice that you contact us with your full details for more information. ...
  • Mukonje Rubber Estate

    El-kiliwendi, Kumba,Meme Division, South West Region, Republic Of Cameroon. Kumba, South West Region

    We are MUKONJE RUBBER ESTATE, Stock Company, one of the company\'s leading rubber exporter in Cameroon Since 1994. Our products include, SVR CV60, CV50, 3L, 10, 20, RSS1, RSS3, Latex 60%, HA & LA, with quality standard Africa,TCVN 3769, 2004. major suppliers to ...


    we are reputable producers of crude palm oil and kennel oil,we supply in grate quantity quality.We accept order ranging from 5000mt to 12000 mt per month.We ship Douala international seaport all USA,CANADA EUROPE Including Mexico.Our Products tested by the ...
  • Pharmachemisol.Co.Ltd

    148 rose street Douala, Littoral

    We are one of the best companies involved in production and sale quality ssd solution for cleaning all types black currency.We have been operating over 10 years with a very successful business reputation.And we activation powder mercury sell. ...
  • Mephecheical Joint Company LTD

    12 new road bonaberi Douala Littoral, Douala

    We are supplier of all sort liquid mercury. have been in this business field for more than 2 decades. Our marketing network cover over the world. good reputation business.Contact us information about our company??- Virgin Mercury purity = 99.99995% Pure by wt ...
  • Prestige Chem Ltd

    67 akwa Douala, Sw Region

    we are best suppliers of many kinds of Chemicals,our product are of 99.8% purity and delivery is rapid and save with discreet packaging.For more details contact for more details.
  • Bh Chemis International

    Akwa Douala, litoral

    we are whole sellers of chemicals ,and looking for buyers who can buy in bulk, supply all types and with the best it. offer our on good prices. please interested should contact ...
  • Aquavita Tech.Co,.Ltd.

    501 Radio Avn Bertoua, East Region

    Aquavita,Ltd. is an explorer and producer of green environmental-friendly chemical additive. In the past few years, we have already developed a series products based on 2,4,7,9-tetramethyl-5 -decyne-4,7-diol. The main application for our in ...
  • Tracycompanylmt

    college street Yaounde, central

    Icon Chemical Laboratory is a registered and certified company for the above mentioned products, this was found in year 2005, new growing london that work as corperate firm with reserve currency department (RCD). We have well trained technicians travels far ...
  • Garciajoelssdltd

    commercial avenue douala, litorial

    We specializes in ssd chemical solution and activation powder for cleaning black Dollars, euros, pounds any other currency from security color to it\'s original state.OUR SERVICES:Anti-freezing Preparations Prepared De-icing Fluids, SSD Solution. ...
  • Wondodynamix

    No 4, Bonas street NWR Cameroon Nkambe, NWR

    Operating since 1938, we specialize in offeringour customers manufactured dairy ingredients and custom processing services.
  • Hollyn Inc

    158 rue bonapriso douala,

    We import the following1. t-shirts2. insectisides and disinfectants3.mineral water4. recycling truck5.Uninterrruptible poser suppliers, sterbilizers