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  • Century Limited

    Rua Guilherme Wegner, 141 Roon 201 Brusque, SC

    Century is a sourcing compamy focus on Chemical Products to Latin America customes. We help connect buyers and suppliers.: : If you are buyer, we offer direct contact from trusted manufactures suppliers that ensure an opportunity for sustainable savings ...
  • Riberquimica Produtos Químicos Ltda.

    Av. Brasil, 2780 Ribeirao Preto, SP

    We are a Chemical Company located in Brasil.We are interested to buy chemical produtcs from other countries.

    Av. Ana Costa 416 cj. 92

    Ciesa was founded in 1982 and began operations as a supplier of Sodium Chloride for the chemical food industries. In second step, expanded its operations, working logistics road transport.Three decades later, keeping tune with market which it operates, ...
  • Jun Setoguchi

    Rua Dr. Samuel Porto, 351 Cj 51 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

    AgarGel is engaged in the manufacture of agar-agar and carrageenan, hydrocolloids extracted from red seaweeds used as gelling, thickening stabilizing agent several industrial applications. Our company has been a pioneer seaweed derivatives Brazil. It ...
  • Tekniop Ltda.

    Rua Brasilio Machado 639 - Centro S.B.Campo, S�o Paulo

    We work with optical industry , machinnery and spare parts, tools and accessories, measuring instruments,etc. Import and export
  • LDPE produce LG

    Orestes Matana, 301, Ji-Parana, Rondonia, Brazil

  • Abaci Group Kml

    Praia de Botafogo, 300. Centro Empresarial Botafogo Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

    We have been leaders in this industry since the very beginning. Our highly advanced quality and popular range of products catapulted us from a local Legal High Company to one most recognized names world over Business. continuously work improve develop new that ...
  • Open Trade Comercio e Consultoria Ltda.

    Rua da Consolacao 2782/111 Sao Paulo,

    Dear Mr. Guo,One of our customers is looking for 2FCL Sodium dichloroisocyanurate 60% Granular 8-30 mesh. Port destination will be Santos. Pls kindly send your complete specs and best offer including 5% commission.Thanks regards,Eng. Sergio PaulaDirector ...
  • Amazon Cosmetics

    206, Dom Bosco Str

  • IGA Consultoria Empresarial

    SHiN CA 01 LT A Ap 228 Dec Norte

    We are a traditional consulting company dealing with projects in electricity industry. specialize buying and selling electric energy. located the heart of Brazil, federal capital, center decisions. I can supply other kind commoditties. ...
  • JBP Representações Ltda

    Av. Fagundes Filho, 252 sala 144 São Paulo, São Paulo

    We are a Agent in Brasil of chemical products - raw material for paints, resin, food, cosmetic, detergente, paper industry.
  • Pethra Trade & Mining Corp

    The Century Tower, Via Ricardo J. Alfaro OF. 401,4th Floor Panama City, Panama City

    We are among prominent Importers & Exporters oh high processed Frozen Chicken based in China and Hong Kong. direct suppliers to big home brands Asian. specialize food grade products with multi location warehousing,sophisticated cold storage ...
  • Planet Source Ltda

  • ITC International Trade Company

    Rua: Sete# 418

    WE WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE OUR COMPANY ITC INTERNATIONAL TRADE is a global commodities trading company based in Brazil with office Toquio and we are specialized the physical sourcing marketing of for farmers, government agencies, large corporations, small ...
  • Sunmaster Do Brasil

    av condessa do rio novo 1637/204 - centro três rios, rio de janeiro

    your company has a private mark that calls ClearPassage ( personal care ) and Villerrua ( foods )it would like to receive price list and catalog of all its line of products for a possible import with our private mark
  • Aprige Trading

    R. Prof. Aprigio Gonzaga, 78 Conj. 50

  • Attends Consulting

    Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio,3030, Suite 1308

    .We vouch to reply your enquiries promptly and forward realistic prices from our pool of tried proven Suppliers. Commodities: Sugar, Ethanol, Iron Ore, Vegetable oils Brazil Cement Urea Russia/Ukraine ...
  • ICC Ind. Com. Exp. Imp. Ltda.

    Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 1768, 4A - Conj. 4C Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

    Molasses Dried Yeast and Sub-productsSoy Protein and derivativesAnimal ProteinsPet Food and additives
  • Maranatha Impot Export

    R. 7 De Setembro, 295

  • Bio Quimica