• ChatterBox

    232 hazelwood ave aldan, pa

    GLASS JARS FOR CANDLES, SOMETHING UNIQUE, I would like to design something and have it made or similar...i a candle that has glass circle jar with 3 seperate spots pour wax which will make look three candles in one ...
  • Sculpture Center

    30 west 17 street new york, ny

    In order to sale custom design decal paper on ceramic in my ceramic design work-shop, I need to purchase all materials and machines, including printer for decal, glaze inks, decal paper, and so on.
  • Posh Papier

    4085 Birkshire Heights Fort Mill, SC

    I am looking for a manufacturer to make circle shaped printouts out of a material that sticks to glass and can be easily removed. (non permanent)
  • Hookah Smokah

    Orange County Santa Ana, CA

    We are a retailer in United States, looking for a long term relationship with a supplier with good quality hookahs made from glass and stainless steel or iron.
  • Acme Glassworks LLC

    718 Oak Ypsilanti, Mi

    Going out of business! Have several glass color recipes for sale! Contact if interested. Priced very reasonably