• Both Shop

    PPI Bekasi, West Java / Indonesia

    ONLINE SHOPFor all kinds of items needed ..For reservations retrievable via:photos, email inbox or FBfrom Phone message :name_address_order goodssend to:0856 973 59 833Payment via:Bank BIIBank BCACOD for areas Jakarta, Bekasi (Indonesia)Inter-island ...
  • Cv. Indung

    Perum ITS Sukolilo Jl Teknik Komputer III Blok U/93 Surabaya, Jawa Timur

    Indung Company is an emergencing manufactures that numerous type of handycraft. We are located in Indonesia, Surabaya city. Our company produces the unique handycraft , specific and artistic thing. With neat workmanship, meticulous high artistic, so we ...
  • D'Souvenir

    Taman Puspa Raya A4 / 29 Surabaya, East Java

    we sell indonesian ceramic craft we can also use your own design to make it in to ceramics craft